Looking for Dazzi Cloud in Palworld? Here’s How You Can Easily Get it



Looking for Dazzi Cloud in Palworld? Here’s How You Can Easily Get it

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Dazzi Cloud is one of the most crucial things in Palworld, as you'll need to craft the useful Homeward Thundercloud for instant teleportation.
Are you wondering how to get Dazzi Cloud in Palworld? Here's everything you need to know about this drop!

In Palworld, you’ll encounter hundreds of unique and powerful Pals who often drop ingredients needed to craft some of the game's most useful Technologies. One of these drops, “Dazzi Cloud,” is crucial if you’re trying to get your hands on Homeward Thundercloud for quick transportation. Wondering how you can get Dazzi Cloud in Palworld? Here’s everything you need to know!

How Can You Get Dazzi Cloud in Palworld?

You can get Dazzi Cloud as a drop from the Electric Pal Dazzi. To get the drop, you must defeat or capture the Pal. You can also obtain the material if you manage to hatch a Dazzi from an Electric Egg. You’ll get two Dazzi Cloud drops for defeating, catching, or hatching a single Dazzi.

How Can You Find Dazzi in Palworld?

Unlike other Pals, Dazzi is rare to find. You can only find this Electric beast in certain areas of the map. Here’s where you should search for Dazzi -

Dazzi Location

If you’re looking for a specific location, you’ll usually come across this Pal in the cliff north of the Sand Dunes Entrance travel point. They’ll be around Level 30, which makes them quite tricky to catch, but it’s not impossible. All you need to do is ensure you bring a Ground-type Pal and wear some weather-appropriate armor. You’ll also need heat and cold-resistant armor to face the heat of the desert biome.

How Can You Use Dazzi Cloud in Palworld?

Dazzi Cloud launched in Palworld with its latest Raid update. Before the update, capturing or eliminating a Dazzi would grant players only Electric Organs. As we’ve mentioned before, Dazzi Cloud is a crucial ingredient for Homeward Thundercloud. This technology allows players to teleport to the nearest base regardless of where they are on the map; they won’t need a fast travel point to get back anymore. Homeward Thundercloud is an amazing tool when in emergencies, like when you engage a Pal that’s stronger than your level, and can’t get to safety.

Looking for Dazzi Cloud in Palworld? Here’s How You Can Easily Get it

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Dazzi Cloud in Palworld. For more on Palworld, check out how you can obtain, and use Ability Glasses.

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