Here’s How You Can Get and Use Ability Glasses in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Get and Use Ability Glasses in Palworld

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Palworld's update marked the introduction of several new additions, including the Ability Glasses which allow you to view stats of all Pals.
Are you wondering how to get and use Ability Glasses in Palworld? Here's a guide to help you!

In Palword, there are more than 100 unique monsters, and they differ in multiple ways, such as their abilities, types, partner skills, and much more. However, it's crucial to note that two same Pals can also have differences. This is because every Pal in the game has a hidden statistic called "Individual Values,." These values can range between 0 to 100 and be difficult to find without the proper tools. While you can use the game's mechanics to find these values, you can also craft the brand-new Ability Glasses to find them out without any difficulty. Let's take a look at how you can get Ability Glasses in Palworld.

Palworld: How to Unlock Ability Glasses?

You can unlock the Ability Glasses in Palworld from the Technology menu once you reach Level 34. To unlock this item, you need to spend four Ancient Technology points. After you’ve unlocked the recipe for Ability Glasses, you must gather materials to craft it. Here’s what you’ll need -

  • X30 Refined Ingots

  • X20 Paldium Fragments

  • X10 Ancient Civilization Parts

  • X5 Ancient Civilization Cores

Here’s How You Can Get and Use Ability Glasses in Palworld

You can get Refined Ingots with the Improved Furnace and Paldium Fragments can be collected by mining for stone across the map. Alpha Pals can drop ancient Civilization Parts, and Ancient Civilization Cores can be obtained by completing raids. 

Palworld: How to Use Ability Glasses?

Once you've successfully created the Ability Glasses, you can use the item to assess a Pal's Attack, Defense, and Health stats. These details are crucial when you're deciding if a Pal is worth spending Pal Spheres on or not. You don't have to guess or rely on luck anymore. The Ability Glasses will provide you with proper data to make the right decision.

The debut of Ability Glasses has surely changed how players can catch Pals in Palworld. By getting this item, players can build powerful teams and even go against the toughest bosses in the game.

That’s everything you need to know on how to obtain and use Ability Glasses in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can build and use an Ore Mining Site in Palworld.

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