Here is all you need to know about Shields in Palworld.


How to Use Shields in Palworld

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Shields are great for mitigating damage against attacks in Palworld.
There are four grades of Shields in Palworld.
Here is all you need to know about Shields in Palworld.

Shields are easily unlockable in Palworld’s early game. They are useful in blocking incoming attacks which may not seem necessary with lower health pals but becomes essential as you take on larger Pals, like dungeon bosses, which pack a punch. Shields can be unlocked and crafted as early as level 4 in the Palworld. To unlock better shields you will need to level up. Let us look at all the shields available in Palworld and the crafting requirements for each of them.

All about Shields in Palworld

A Shield in Palworld can be equipped on your body and will block incoming damage. When your shield takes on incoming attacks and gets depleted during a fight, it will start repairing itself after a short time. You will not need to find any resources or head back to base to bring it back up. You can unlock a Common Shield at level 4 and as you level up, you can craft a Hyper Shield at level 43, currently the highest durability shield in the game. For crafting better shields you will need to unlock the High Quality Workbench and start collecting Ancient Civilization Parts. Here are all the shields in Palworld and the required components to craft them:

How to use Shields in Palworld

Once you get to level 4 and get the necessary Fiber, Wood, Stone and Paldium Fragment, you can craft a Common Shield on your Primitive Workbench. Once your Shield is ready on the workbench, you can equip it automatically by pressing ‘F’ for PC players. Another method to use the Shield is by dragging it in your inventory to your character’s Shield slot. This also works for replacing a Shield you no longer want to use.

You can unlock a Common Shield in Palworld early in the game.

As you seek higher shields you will need to collect Ancient Civilization Parts by defeating or killing Alpha Pals in the open world or at the end of dungeons. Alpha Pals are bigger, stronger versions of the regular Pals. They’re incredibly hard to defeat compared to their normal counterparts, but they drop a few Ancient Civilization Parts when you defeat them.

Crafting a High Quality Workbench requires:

  • 50 x Wood

  • 15 x Ingot

  • 10 x Nail

You also need to be level 11 and invest three Technology Points to unlock it.

Paldium Fragments can be found in blue Paldium nodes and gray rock nodes scattered around the map. Paldium can randomly drop when mining these regular stone nodes. Look out for blue nodes in the rock for a higher chance of getting Paldium Fragments. Some of these can be found near the river in the starting area for Palworld. Look for these blue rock fragments around the map and mine them to collect Paldium Fragments.

You can collect Paldium Fragments from blue rocks to make higher level Shields in Palworld.


You can also purchase these fragments from the Wandering NPC. And as you progress through the game, you can build a Crusher and use it to break down stone and wood to get other materials like Paldium fragments in Palworld.

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