Here is how to set up an automated farm in Palworld.


How to Set Up an Automated Farm in Palworld

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Farming for food is an important survival mechanic in Palworld.
You can easily automate the process by collecting the right kind of pals.
Here is how to set up an automated farm in Palworld.

An important aspect of Palworld is the survival mechanics. Farming for food becomes a priority not only for yourself but also the Pals you collect. It takes a large amount of food to maintain your hungry pals. While in the early stages of the game you can get away with manual farming, eventually it is more optimal to set up an automated farm in Palworld. Automated farms can help you produce the massive quantities of food you need to keep your Pals happy. Here is how to set up an automated farm in Palworld.

How to set up an automated farm in Palworld

You will need to collect Pals with certain Pal Skills to fully automate your farm in Palworld. Farming in Palworld is made up of multiple tasks; planting, watering and gathering. Pals with the Planting Skill will sow seeds in your plantations. While Watering Skill Pals will irrigate the seeds and finally, Gathering Skill Pals will harvest the crops for you. Here are some of the early Pals you can use to carry out these tasks:


Lifmunk, Tanzee, Gumoss, Flopie


Fuack, Pengullet, Teafant


Cattiva, Chikipi, Lifmunk

You can set up an automated farm in Palworld with the help of pals.

Pocketpair, Inc.

Once you’ve gathered the required Pals, you can place a Plantation in your base through the Build Menu (Default key is ‘B’ for PC players). Once you place the Plantation, you can direct the necessary pals towards it to grow Berries, Wheat, Lettuce or other plants you want to grow. 

If you want to optimize your farming, Bristla Pals are exceptionally diligent workers.

The Pals will automatically pick up seeds from your inventory boxes or directly from harvested plants and plant them. Once done with watering, pals will also automatically deposit the food into your Feed Box. Note that while this is great for basic sustenance for your Pals, it won’t give them any good meals. 

Other sources of food from Pals

If you want to step up your food game in Palworld, you can also deploy the following Pals for some better quality food. You can assign these Pals to a ranch for a chance to drop these items:

  • Chikipi: Sometimes lays an Egg when assigned to Ranch.

  • Mozzarin: Sometimes produces milk when assigned to Ranch.

  • Woolipop: Sometimes drops Cotton Candy when assigned to Ranch.

  • Caprity: Sometimes drops Red Berries from its back when assigned to Ranch.

That’s all you need to do to set up a basic automated food farm in Palworld.

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