How to Obtain and Use Flour in Palworld?


How to Obtain and Use Flour in Palworld?

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Flour is a crucial ingredient used to bake various treats for your Pals such as Bread, Pancakes, Jam-filled Bun, and more.
You need to reach Tech Tree level 15 and unlock the schematics of the Mill to produce Flour from Wheat.

Palworld contains numerous mechanics spanning several game genres to provide a captivating survival and monster-catching experience to its players. The game emphasizes taking care of your beloved Pals and one such way to do that is by providing them with numerous food resources. A crucial ingredient to cooking various dishes for your Pals is Flour, used in making Cake, Bread, Pancakes, and Jam-filled Bun. Without further ado, here’s how you can acquire Flour in Palworld.

How Can You Obtain Flour in Palworld?

Aside from treating your Pals with tasty dishes like Jam-filled Bun, Flour is mainly used to make Cake, an important part of Palworld’s breeding system. The first requirement is its raw material, Wheat, which needs to be processed through a Mill to acquire Flour. Keep in mind that you need 3 quantities of Wheat to produce 1 quantity of Flour.

jamfilled bun

Wheat can be acquired from Pals such as Dinossum and Flopie, although the former can be found in abundance near the Plateau of Beginnings teleport point. You can also purchase Wheat from a Wandering Merchant for 100 Gold each. The first merchant can be found in the Small Settlement fast travel point at coordinates 75, -478.

To create an autonomous source of Wheat, you’ll need to acquire Wheat Seeds, which can be obtained from the aforementioned Pals or Merchants. Then, you can harvest them into Wheat using a Plantation unlocked at Technology Tree level 15. Here’s what you’ll need to build one:

  • 3 Types of Seeds: Tomato, Wheat, or Lettuce

  • X35 Stones

  • X35 Wood

Once your Wheat Plantation is up and running, you can now build yourself a Mill to obtain Flour. The Mill also unlocks at Technology Tree level 15 and requires 2 Tech points to unlock its schematics. Here are the required materials:

  • X50 Wood

  • X40 Stone

Mill tech tree 

However, the process does not stop here, as you require a Water-type Pal such as a Penking, Relaxaurus, Celaray, or Surfent to operate it. While Penking can be captured from the No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary, the easiest Pal to acquire from the bunch would be Celaray found in the surrounding region of the Windswept Hills Flying Fish Coast respawn point, right below the Plateau of Beginnings. 

Overall, you require both the Wheat Plantation and the Mill along with Pals such as Beegarde, Sibelyx, Tanzee, Bushi, Peking, and Celaray to handle suitabilities such as Farming, Watering, and Transporting both Wheat and Flour into your chests. 

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