How To Get Tomato Seeds and Set Up a Tomato Plantation in Palworld?


How To Get Tomato Seeds and Set Up a Tomato Plantation in Palworld?

Surya Kumar
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Tomatoes are the key ingredient in numerous recipes that enhance the abilities of your Pals by providing temporary buffs.
Currently, there are five different Pals that offer Tomato Seeds as drops.
You can also purchase Tomato Seeds from Merchants for 200 Gold each.

The captivating biomes in Palworld are rich with various resources, essential for the survival of both you and your Pals. Apart from crafting weapons, armor, and various machines around your base, it is also crucial to maintain your Pals’ well-being to make sure they properly perform assigned tasks.

While basic food is a necessity for Pals, you can also enhance their abilities by feeding them various dishes that offer lucrative temporary buffs. One key ingredient in many of these recipes is the elusive Tomato Seeds which can be quite an ordeal to obtain. Worry not, as this guide will walk you through the entire process, from acquiring these seeds to setting up a thriving Tomato Plantation. 

How to Obtain Tomato Seeds in Palworld?

Similar to most other food resources, Tomato Seeds can also be obtained as drops from Pals roaming around the Palpagos Islands. Here are all the creatures that are capable of providing them as drops:

  • Vaelet

  • Wumpo Botan

  • Mossanda

  • Broncherry

  • Dinossum Lux


While Vaelet can be found in the No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary east of the Sea Breeze Archipelago Castaway Beach teleport point, you need to travel to the far west end of the map to find Wumpo Botan at the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary, with its closest spawn point being Forgotten Island. Mossanda can also be found in the large green Island in the northern central part of the map. You can hunt them at Mossanda Forest, Snowy Mountain Fork, Sealed Realm of the Guardian, and Sealed Realm of the Swift teleport points.

pal location

Broncherry is mostly found near the Deep Bamboo Thicket, Investigator’s Fork, and Sealed Realm of The Thunder Dragon, all the way down to the Sealed Realm of The Swordmaster dungeon. Dinossom Lux can be found in abundance in the northernmost desert biome from the Dunehshelter region, the PIDF Tower Entrance teleport point all the way down to the Dessicated Mineshaft area. It is worth noting that this is the only Pal that specifically drops Tomato Seeds and nothing else.

How to Setup a Tomato Plantation in Palworld?

Once you’ve gathered enough Tomato Seeds, you can now establish a Plantation so that you have a sustainable source of Tomatoes used to cook special dishes for you and your Pals. keep in mind that it is available only at Level 32 and would require 2 Tech points to unlock. Here are all the requirements to build one:

  • X3 Tomato Seeds

  • X70 Wood

  • X50 Stone

  • X5 Pal Fluids

tomato plantation

Once you’ve gotten through the initial process of setting up your Tomato Plantation, you can assign Pals with Farming, Planting, and Gathering Suitabilities for an autonomous operation of your farm. These are Pals such as:

  • Beegarde

  • Robinquill

  • Lifmunk

  • Tanzee 

  • Wumpo Botan

That is pretty much all you need to know about Tomato Seeds and establishing a Tomato Plantation in Palworld. You are now free to cook various dishes such as Salad, Pizza, Omelet, Dumud Chowder, Mozzarina Cheeseburger, etc to provide various buffs to your Pals.

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