How to Get More Storage in Palworld


How to Get More Storage in Palworld

Abhimannu Das
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Here are some of the fastest ways to unlock more storage space for your account in Palworld.
As you level up, you'll unlock blueprints for bigger and better storage options.

The amount of storage available in Palworld can be quite limiting and you should consider getting some quick upgrades for your account if you want to hoard materials. Here are some of the best ways to get more storage in Palworld for your chests and furniture.

How to Unlock More Storage in Palworld

Unlock Larger Chests and Containers:

Level Up: As you level up, you'll unlock blueprints for bigger and better storage options. These include:

  • Wooden Barrel Shelf (Level 8): Offers 15 slots, a nice upgrade from the basic Wooden Chest.

  • Antique Wardrobe (Level 14): 20 slots and slightly more organized than the Barrel Shelf.

  • Metal Chest (Level 16): 25 slots, durable and secure.

  • Large Container (Level 32): 40 slots, perfect for bulk storage.

  • Refined Metal Chest (Level 39): 50 slots, the largest chest currently available.

Utilize Furniture Sets:

  • Wooden Tavern Furniture Set: Unlocked through Technology, this set includes a Bar Counter with 10 slots and a Stool with 5 slots. These can add substantial storage to your base.

  • Other Furniture Sets: Future updates might introduce more furniture sets with storage options, so keep an eye out!

Strategic Chest Placement:

  • Palbox Range: Chests placed within your Palbox's range can be accessed by your Pals, allowing them to deposit and retrieve items automatically. This can be helpful for organizing resources near mining or harvesting areas.

  • Multiple Chests: Instead of relying on one central storage, scatter smaller chests around your base for specific purposes. This makes finding and using items quicker and more convenient.

  • Sell or recycle unwanted items: Regularly clear out your storage and get rid of things you no longer need. This frees up space and can earn you some money.

  • Utilize your Pals: Train your Pals to carry specific items like materials or crops. This can temporarily alleviate storage pressure.

  • Prioritize storage upgrades: As you progress, invest in unlocking larger chests and furniture sets as soon as possible to stay ahead of your storage needs.

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