Here is how to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld.


How to Get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

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Technology Points help you unlock new items, buildings and more.
Items you unlock with Ancient Technology Points grant a significant boost.
Here is how to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld.

Ancient Technology Points are important in Palworld for unlocking new items, building structures and tools. Note that Ancient Technology Points are different from Technology Points in the game. There are different ways to earn each of these. Ancient Technology Points are harder to get compared to Technology Points but they are much sought-after in Palworld and unlock some really great perks. Here is all you need to know about Ancient Technology Points in Palworld.

How to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

To get a hold of Ancient Technology Points in Palworld, you will need to take down a boss Pal for the first time. There are different types of bosses in the game including Dungeon bosses, Syndicate Tower bosses, and Alpha Pals. You can get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld by defeating any and all bosses you come across in the game. 

Unfortunately, you cannot really farm these as you only get rewarded Ancient Technology Points when you first beat a boss. The first boss most players run into in the early stages is the Rayne Tower Syndicate Boss near your initial spawn area. When you defeat the boss you’ll get five Ancient Technology Points. Note that there is a 10-minute time limit for defeating the boss. It’s a good idea to go in prepared with a few friends with you as well. Here are some tips for taking down the boss a little easier:

  • Being level 17 or higher when you attempt to take on the boss.

  • Pals such as Nitewing and Dinossom are good to have along while taking on the boss. 

  • Look for other bosses around the map to earn more Ancient Technology Points. 

How to use Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

As of now, there are 17 items you can unlock with Ancient Technology Points. Bring up your Technology menu and then look to the right side of your screen, you should see a column solely for Ancient Technology. 

Open up your Technology menu to access Ancient Technology Points in Palworld.

You can see all the Technology Points you have to unlock new items at the bottom left side of the menu. Once you level up, you’ll see the items you can unlock with those points. One of the first things you can unlock is the Statue of Power. The item let’s you spend Limfunk Effigies to increase your individual power. You can also spend Pal Souls to boost your Pals’ power levels. These upgrades will increase your Pals’ max HP, attack, defensive stats, and increase their work speed, making it an essential tool towards building an efficient base and having a strong partner out in the wild. 

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