How to Find Hangyu Cryst in Palworld? Spawn Location, Breeding Combinations, Stats and More


How to Find Hangyu Cryst in Palworld? Spawn Location, Breeding Combinations, Stats and More

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Hangyu Cryst is one of the most useful Ice-type Pals you can add to your roster in Palworld. However, finding it can prove to be quite challenging.
Are you wondering how to find Hangyu Cryst in Palworld? Here's a guide to help you find this rare Ice-type Pal.

Hangyu Cryst is an Ice-type variant of the Hangyu, with a unique Partner Skill. Although it's not one of the strongest Pals, it's cute, versatile, and practical, and you definitely want it on your team. However, finding it can be quite a challenge as it appears on a specific continent and only shows up at night. In this guide, we'll take a look at how you can find Hangyu Cyrst in Palworld, including its spawn location, breeding combinations, stats, and more. 

How Can You Find Hangyu Cryst in Palworld?

You can find Hangyu Cryst in the frozen area northwest of the map. However, this Pal can only be seen at night. To locate this Pal, you must search the area next to Pristine Snow Field fast travel points at coordinates -343,270.

Hangyu Cryst Location


How Can You Catch Hangyu Cryst in Palworld?

Since Hangyu Cryst is an Ice-type Pal, it's crucial to take advantage of its elemental weakness. You must use strong Fire-type Pals such as Ragnahawk and Bushi. After you've weakened it enough, throw your best Pal Spheres to catch. You can even use a Baton to increase your catch rate. 

How Can You Breed Hangyu Cryst in Palworld?

If you don't want to venture out to the frozen regions to catch a Hangyu, you can simply breed one using the game's simple breeding mechanics. Although it might be a time-consuming process, you won't have to waste resources or risk being attacked by other Pals you might encounter in the world. You can hatch Hangyu Cryst from a Frozen Egg.

Here are the best breeding combinations to get Hangyu Cryst offspring in Palworld – 

  • Hangyu + Swee

  • Hangyu Cryst + Hangyu Cryst

Other Breeding Combos For Hangyu Cryst in Palworld

You can use Hangyu Cryst to create some of the strongest and most efficient Pals for your base, such as –

  • Chikipi + Hangyu Cryst = Cattiva

  • Teafant + Hangyu Cryst = Cremis

  • Direhowl + Hangyu Cryst = Gumoss

  • Foxparks + Hangyu Cryst = Sparkit

  • Celaray + Hangyu Cryst = Maraith

  • Pengullet + Hangyu Cryst = Hoocrates

Hangyu Cryst Stats and Abilities in Palworld

Hangyu Cryst is one of the best Ice-type Pals you can find in the game. These Pal's Partner Skills allow you to glide and have the ability to lift yourself higher into the air. It boasts some solid stats and drops – 

  • Paldeck No: 32B

  • Element: Ice

  • Partner Skill: Winter Trapeze

  • Work Suitability: Handiwork (Level 1), Transporting (Level 2), Gathering (Level 1), Cooling (Level 1)

  • Drops: Ice Organ and Fiber

That's everything you need to know on how to find Hangyu Cryst in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can craft Stun Baton in Palworld.

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