How to Catch Reindrix in Palworld? Spawn Location, Breeding Combos, Stats and More


How to Catch Reindrix in Palworld? Spawn Location, Breeding Combos, Stats and More

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Reindrix is one of the strongest Ice-type Pals you can add to your roster, but finding it can be quite challenging.
Are you wondering how to catch Reindrix in Palworld? Here's a guide to help you catch this Pal.

There’s no doubt that Reindrix is one of the most magnificent and sought-after Ice Pals in Palworld, thanks to its incredible abilities and powerful stats. Although catching this reindeer Pal requires quite some effort, the payoff is completely worth it in the end. If you’re wondering how to get your hands on Reindrix, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll reveal how you can catch Reindrix in Palworld, including its spawn location, breeding combos, stats, and more. 

How to Find Reindrix in Palworld?

As an Ice-type Pal, Reindrix only spawns in colder climates; you can find it near the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance or at the southern end of the Astral Mountains

Since both spawn points are found in freezing environments, you must equip a cold-resistance armor before heading out to catch Reindrix. The harsh temperatures can quickly knock out or eliminate those who are unprepared for it. You must bring restorative items as well. 

How to Catch Reindrix in Palworld?

 Once you’ve finally located a Reindrix, you must engage it in a battle. Since it’s an Ice-type Pal, use strong fire Pals such as Ragnahawk and Bushi to take advantage of its elemental weakness. Once you’ve weakened it enough, throw your best Pal Spheres to catch it. The Giga Sphere gives you the highest catch rate. 

How to Catch Reindrix in Palworld? Spawn Location, Breeding Combos, Stats and More

How to Breed Reindrix in Palworld?

If you don’t want to head out to the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance or Astral Mountains to catch a Reindrix, you can breed one right at your base! You can make use of the game’s breeding mechanism to get a Reindrix offspring. Although it’s a time-consuming process, you won’t risk being attacked by Reindrix or other Pals you might encounter in the Palworld. Reindrix hatches from Large Frozen Eggs, so we’ll recommend keeping your Eggs somewhere cold to increase the hatching speed. 

Here are the best breeding combinations to get a Reindrix offspring – 

  • Celaray + Melpaca

  • Penking + Gumoss

  • Fuack + Mossanda

  • Fuack + Nitewing

  • Celaray + Dumud

  • Penking + Daedream

  • Tocotoco + Nitewing

Other Breeding Combos For Reindrix in Palworld

You can use Reindrix to breed some of the strongest and most useful Pals in Palworld, such as – 

  • Kingpaca + Reindrix = Kingpaca Cryst

  • Penking + Reindrix = Katress

  • Fuddler + Reindrix = Vaelet

  • Mossanda + Reindrix = Vanwyrm 

  • Rooby + Reindrix = Robinquill

  • Lifmunk + Reindrix = Rooby

Reindrix Stats and Drops in Palworld

Here are all of Reindrix’s stats, including its Element, Partner Skills, Work Suitability, and more. 

  • Paldex Number: 59

  • Element: Ice

  • Partner Skill: Cool Body

  • Work Suitability: Lumbering (Level 2), Cooling (Level 2)

  • Drops: Reindrix Vension, Ice Organ, Horn, and Leather

That’s everything you need to know about finding Reindrix in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can find Huge Dragon Eggs in Palworld.

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