Here is how to cure Cold in Palworld.


How to Cure Cold in Palworld

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Cold is one of the negative status ailments in Palworld.
It is one of the easier ones to cure in the game.
Here is how to cure Cold in Palworld.

Colds in Palworld can happen to Pals working in your base or when they help you out, along with other ailments like sprains, ulcers and even fractures in battle. Different kinds of Medical Supplies are used to take care of negative Pal status effects in Palworld. Cold is one of the easier negative status effects to deal with, not requiring any special supplies. Let’s look at the effects of the injury and how to cure Cold in Palworld.

How to cure Cold in Palworld

You can use Low Grade Medical Supplies to cure Cold in Palworld. There are a number of ways you can get the required Low Grade Medical Supplies including crafting them, as drops, and through the Wandering Merchant. Here is how you can do all of them.

Crafting Low Grade Medical Supplies

You can craft Low Grade Medical Supplies on the Medieval Medicine Workbench, which is unlocked at Level 12. It will need two Technology Points to unlock this Workbench, and the following resources to make:

  • 2 x Wood

  • 5 x Nails

  • 10 x Paldium Fragments

The Medieval Medicine Workbench can also be used to craft Low Grade Medical Supplies, Medical Supplies and High Grade Medical Supplies along with Suspicious Juice and Strange Juice.

Craft a Low Grade Medieval Medicine Workbench to get Medical Supplies and cure Cold In Palworld.

Once you craft the Workbench, you will need to collect the following items to craft Low Grade Medical Supplies in Palworld:

  • 5 x Red Berries

  • 2 x Horn

Red Berries can be found on berry bushes in the wild or you can grow some on a berry plantation. Some early game Pals like Caprity and Eikthydeer drop Horns when you take them down. As you level up you can look for Horn drops from Arsox, Eikthydeer Terra, Fenglope, Incineram, Incineram Noct and Reindrix. Once you’ve obtained all the raw material, simply craft it on the Medieval Medicine Workbench.

Low Grade Medical Supplies Drops and Wandering Merchants

You can also purchase Low Grade Medical Supplies from Wandering Merchants for 240 Gold. However, it is both time-saving and cost-effective to craft supplies than buy them or farm them as drops.  

How to use Low Grade Medical Supplies to cure Cold in Palworld

You can click ‘Use’ on Low Grade Medical Supplies and apply it to a Pal with the Cold affliction. Note that Pals that are still in your Pal Box cannot be cured with Low Grade Medical Supplies regardless of whether they’re active or not. The Pal needs to be in your party. A radial menu will pop up which will list the different things you can do to interact with your Pal. Select Feed and another window will pop up. Select the medicine you want to give your Pal and they should approach you and take the medicine.

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