How Many Bases Can You Build In Palworld? Settlements Explained


How Many Bases Can You Build In Palworld? Settlements Explained

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Players are free to build any number of bases, as long as they are equipped with the required resources and are fine with losing some key base functions.
The smaller outposts that do not have Palboxes lose their self-sustaining functions as you cannot assign many Pals to work on them.

Palworld’s massive sandbox encompasses diverse biomes that are collectively referred to as the Palpagos Islands. Apart from catching various Pals, the game’s main emphasis is on survival and crafting, done by collecting numerous resources from the environment and setting up your own base or settlement. 

Once it is established, your base serves as a place to build various structures and machines that will help you thrive in Palworld. However, as players progress further into the game, many are wondering if they can create more than one base of operations, given the large flourishing open world. Here’s everything you need to know about building various settlements in Palworld.

What Is the Maximum Number of Bases in Palworld?

Technically, players can build an infinite number of bases, provided they gather the required resources to build one. The various structures you create can be placed anywhere on the Palpagos Islands as long as the region is accessible. However, the answer is certainly more complex than it seems.

While you can construct numerous bases in the game, the key feature of your bases apart from the accommodation is the automated production of resources and the use of Pals ensured by a building design called the Palbox. While you can create any number of bases without the Palbox, you cannot assign any of your Pals to work on it, eliminating its autonomous function and defeating the purpose of establishing multiple settlements in the first place.

Considering this, you can only build a maximum of three bases with Palboxes. While the first Palbox is available from the initial phase of Palworld, players will unlock a second Palbox once the first box reaches base level 10. You will acquire the third and final one once your Palbox reaches base level 15.

Once you reach base level 10, the second Palbox you craft will preserve its level, meaning players can build their second settlement with the same perks available in the first one. The same can be said for the third Palbox as well. Additionally, you need to remember that the fast travel functionality is only available at bases equipped with Palboxes

However, if you still wish to construct secondary settlements or smaller outposts, you can establish them near existing fast travel points in the game. This way, you can still teleport closer to your tertiary bases without having to use your Ground or Flying mounts, which significantly increases your travel time.

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