How Dungeons Work in Palworld


How Dungeons Work in Palworld

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Scattered throughout the Palpagos Islands, Dungeons are filled with treasure, rare Pals, and some challenging boss fights.
Are you wondering how Dungeons work in Palworld? Here's everything you need to know.

It’s a known fact that Dungeons are a crucial part of every adventure game, and Palworld is no exception. In this game, Dungeons offer the challenge of deadly enemies for the rewards of rare Pals and valuable resources, which makes them high-priority content for all players who are strong enough to take them on. In this article, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about Dungeons in Palworld, including how to find and complete them.

How Do Dungeons Work in Palworld?

As you immerse yourself in the Palworld, you will find a cavern embedded in a mountain wall. These caves are called ''Dungeons''. Within Dungeons, players will encounter various Pals such as Maus, Fuddlers, and Syndicate Grunts. The final boss of each Dungeon varies, offering rare resources upon defeat. 

Upon completing a Dungeon, players will be rewarded with treasure chests, which contain various rewards. Players can also capture unique Alpha Pals, which are exclusive to Dungeons.

How Dungeons Work in Palworld

While the ground above might have some opponents, the Dungeon bosses are the real deal. Fighting Dungeon bosses test your skills and the strength of the Pals accompanying you, but it’s all worth it in the end, as you’ll be rewarded greatly.

It’s important to ensure you’re geared when entering a Dungeon, as the wild Pals won’t go easy on you. When you find a Dungeon, pick your best fighter Pals and weapons to deal maximum damage against the tricky opposition. When you come across your first Dungeon in Palworld, it should be around Level 13. It’s a suitable level for anyone to defeat as long as you know how to fight alongside your pals. You’ll be able to catch multiple uncommon Pals in the Dungeons that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

Are Dungeons Permanent in Palworld?

Unfortunately, Dungeons in Palworld are not permanent. When you locate a Dungeon, you will have 200 minutes to completely explore and clear the Dungeon boss before the cave shuts down and the Dungeon moves to a brand-new location on the map. The ‘Dungeon-Shifting’ feature keeps the gameplay fresh, but it can be a real pain finding out all the locations on your own.  

How Can You Find Dungeons in Palworld?

To help you get the best rewards, here are all the possible Dungeon spawn locations in the Palworld so you can quickly find your world’s currently active Dungeon. - 

Dungeon Location Palworld
Dungeon Location Palworld

What Rewards You Can Get From Dungeons?

Once you’ve managed to defeat a Dungeon boss in Palworld, you’ll be able to get your hands on a wide range of rewards. Here are a few rewards you can get from Dungeons – 

  • Technology Manuals

  • Gold

  • Rubies

  • Diamonds

  • Gems

  • Accessories

When you travel to a Dungeon, be sure to bring a metal pickaxe. You’ll also be able to get your hands on valuable resources such as coal, sulfur, and rare nodes.

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