Here's How You Can Quickly Farm Gunpowder in Palworld


Here's How You Can Quickly Farm Gunpowder in Palworld

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If you love fighting enemies and capturing powerful Pals in Palworld, you'll definitely need Gunpowder for weapon ammo.
Are you wondering how to get Gunpowder in Palworld? Here's a guide to help you get this crucial material.

Palworld has taken the gaming industry by storm, breaking records left and right. Developed by Pocket Pair, the game blends Pokemon-inspired capture and battle gameplay with survival mechanics.

The world of Palworld is filled with minerals and materials that are needed for survival in the game. One of these materials that is required for players to use Guns is Gunpowder, as it's required in crafting recipes for all ammo types of the guns in the game. Without further ado, let's take a look at how you can quickly farm Gunpowder in Palworld.

How To Get Gunpowder in Palworld?

The best way to get Gunpowder in Palworld is to craft it using a High-Quality Bench. However, if you don't feel like crafting, you can farm it from catching or killing a specific Pal in the game.

1.Crafting Gunpowder 

To craft the Gunpowder, players must first unlock its recipe by reaching Level 21 and spending two technology points. Once you've unlocked the recipe, you can craft it using a High-Quality Workbench using the following resources – 

  • x2 Charcoal

  • x1 Sulfur

You can craft Charcoal at the Primitive Furnace using Wood, and Sulfur can be mined from mineral nodes found in desert biomes. Once you've gathered all the materials, you need to interact with the High-Quality Bench and craft Gunpowder. 

2. Catch or Kill Tocotoco

Although time-consuming, another method to get Gunpowder is by killing or catching a Tocotoco. This Pal can be mostly found in the desert biomes, and players can reach it by heading northwest from the game's starting area. However, it's important to be careful while encountering Tocotco as they explore after a certain time. So, try to either catch them as soon as possible or use a high-level weapon to take them down instantly. Catching and killing a Tocotoco will give you 3x Gunpowder, and you can easily farm when there's a horde nearby.

Here's How You Can Quickly Farm Gunpowder in Palworld

Why Do You Need Gunpowder in Palworld?

Gunpowder is a crucial resource to craft ammo for high-caliber and advanced weapons in Palworld. Here's a list of complete list of weapons whose ammo can develop using Gunpowder –

  • Assault Rifle Ammo

  • Coarse Ammo

  • Frag Grenade

  • Handgun Ammo

  • Rifle Ammo

  • Rocket Ammo

  • Shotgun Shells

That's everything you need to know about Gunpowder in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can get Bones in Palworld.

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