Here’s How You Can Get and Use Lettuce Seeds in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Get and Use Lettuce Seeds in Palworld

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Lettuce is a crucial ingredient used in several food recipes such as Salads, Hamburgers, Chowders, etc.
This guide will provide you with the best Pals to farm Lettuce Seeds and set up a Lettuce Plantation along with listing Pals that will help you automate the entire process.

Besides offering an outstanding monster-catching experience, Palworld encompasses a massive inventory of items and resources to complement its survival and crafting elements. Hunger is an important mechanic in the game, and players can cook various food recipes to satiate their character and their beloved Pals while also boosting their stats for a limited time. A crucial ingredient used in recipes like Salads, Hamburgers, etc., is Lettuce, harvested using Lettuce Seeds found from various sources around the Paplagos Islands. Here’s how you can farm and use them for cooking.

How to Acquire Lettuce Seeds in Palworld?

Similar to many other resources, Lettuce Seeds can be acquired as drops when killing or capturing various Pals such as:

  • Cinnamoth

  • Wumpo Botan

  • Broncherry Aqua

  • Bristla

Cinnamoth and Bristla are the easiest to obtain as they are found in abundance in the central regions of Moonless Shore and Mount Flopie Summit. There are a number of fast travel points you can use to get there like Lake Center, Hypocrite Hill, Ancient Ritual Site, and the aptly named Cinnamoth Forest.

cinnamoth and bristla

Wumpo Botan can only be captured from the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary located on the Northwestern side of the map to the left of the Forgotten Island respawn point. Broncherry Aqua can only be obtained by taking down its level 30 Alpha Pal located inside the Shoal Mineshaft, east of Ascetic Falls beneath the Bamboo Groves.  Additionally, you can also purchase Lettuce Seeds from various Merchants spread across the Island for 200 Gold each. Lettuce can also be brought for 150 Gold each

wumpo botan and broncherry aqua

Once you’ve acquired 3 or more Lettuce Seeds, you need to build a Lettuce Plantation to harvest it. This structure is available at Technology Tree level 38 and requires 3 Tech points for the schematics to be unlocked. Here’s everything you need to build one:

  • X10 Pal Fluids

  • X3 Lettuce Seeds

  • X100 Wood

  • X70 Stone


While Wood and Stone are basic materials obtained from trees and large rocks, Pal Fluids can only be obtained by hunting Water-elemental Pals such as Surfent, Celaray, Jormuntide, Gobfin, Teafant, etc. You’ll mostly find these Pals along the coastal edges on beach shores.

Once your Lettuce Plantation is set up, you can use Watering, Planting, and Gathering Pals such as Penking, Frostallion Noct, Tanzee, Lyleen, Petallia, etc to automate the farming process. Lettuce is a key ingredient in recipes such as:

  • Salad

  • Rushroad Hot Dog

  • Grilled Lamball

  • Dumud Chowder

  • Mozzarina Hamburger

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