Felbat in Palworld: Spawn Location, Breeding Combos, Stats, and More


Felbat in Palworld: Spawn Location, Breeding Combos, Stats, and More

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Felbat is a Dark-type Pal capable of dealing a considerable amount of damage to your foes until the mid-game stages.
Its level 3 Medical Production allows it to efficiently craft numerous Medical Supplies at medicine benches.

Felbat is a Dark elemental Pal in Palworld that boasts excellent combat proficiency until the mid-game stage with the added potential of working at medicine benches in your bases to produce various Medical Supplies. Felbat takes 94th place on the Paldeck and apart from its battle prowess, its passive skills also offer a considerable amount of buffs to both attack and defense rates for the player. Without further delay, let’s take a look at its spawn locations, its breeding combinations, stats, and more.

Where Is Felbat’s Habitat in Palworld?

While some players reportedly found it near the Pristine Snow Fields (-343, -270)  in the snowy biome up north, the most definitive way to hunt down Felbat is by defeating its Level 23 Gloom-Shrouded Bloodsucker Alpha Pal located inside the Sealed Realm of the Abyss Nights dungeon on Forgotten Island. Since it is a Dark elemental creature, we recommend you take a Dragon-type Pal such as the Relaxaurus, Orserk, Jormuntide, etc.

felbat habitat

Once you’ve successfully captured it, you can now access its Life Steal partner skill which as the name suggests, will absorb some of the received damage and restore your HP, making it effective while dealing with foes that are capable of dishing out high damage attacks. It also has respectable combat skills such as:

  • Spirit Flame: Shoots three balls of Malice that gets target-fixated on an enemy

  • Nightmare Ball: Throws a giant ball of darkness dealing significant damage to your enemies.

  • Ignis Rage: This Fire-type ability charges the ground around you and explodes after a while dealing massive damage to your foes.

The Felbat also has notable passive skills such as Ferocious which increases attack by 20% and Lord of the Underworld which increases Dark attack damage by 20%. You also get drops such as Cloth and Small Pal Soul upon capturing this Pal.

Breeding Combinations for Felbat in Palworld

Thankfully, Felbat can be obtained by combining numerous Pals in the game such as:

  • Celaray + Rushroar

  • Melpaca  +Rushroar

  • Celaray + Rooby

  • Mau + Penking

  • Incineram + Lifmunk

  • Chipki + Penking

  • Teafant + Penking

Here are the base stats of Felbat (Paldeck No 094):

  • HP: 100

  • Defense: 110

  • Melee: 100

  • Attack: 105

  • Food: 5

felbat paldeck

As mentioned earlier, this Dark-type Pal also has a dedicated Medicine Production Level 3 suitability, making it efficient at producing numerous Medical Supplies for treating your Pals. Additionally, Game8’s breeding calculator also provided a few combinations where you can use Felbat to breed new creatures such as:

  • Gobfin + Felbat = Vaelet

  • Blazamut + Felbat = Grintale

  • Lamball + Felbat = Gumoss

  • Blazehowl + Felbat = Blazehow Noct

  • Celaray + Felbat = Lovander

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