Here Are All the Best Ways to Quickly Farm Gold in Palworld


Here Are All the Best Ways to Quickly Farm Gold in Palworld

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Gold is the main in-game currency of Palworld, used to purchase Schematics, crucial resources, and even rare and exotic Pals.
This most reliable way to farm Gold would be to assign Pals with the Gold Digger passive trait to a Ranch.
If you want to take the evil route, you can also capture these humans and sell them to the Black Marketeer to acquire a considerable amount of Gold.

Palworld incorporates several mechanics spanning various game genres to provide players with an enticing open world filled with creatures called Pals. Apart from befriending these Pals, players must also ensure their survival by crafting and cultivating various resources present in the game. While these resources are mostly obtained from Palworld’s various environments, players also have the option of purchasing them and several other in-game items like schematics and even exotic Pals from numerous Wandering Merchants spread across the game’s map. However, you need to stack up on Gold before you can go on a spending spree, so here’s how you can quickly farm this precious currency in Palworld.

Palworld Gold Farming Guide: All the Best Methods

As mentioned above, Gold is used for buying a variety of in-game items such as schematics for buildings, purchasing resources, buying rare and exotic Pals, etc. Thankfully, the game provides you with several methods to effectively farm this precious resource.

Selling Unwanted Pals

If you find yourself stacking up quite a bit of Pals in your inventory, you can clear up space by selling them at several Pal merchants present in the game. If you are unable to locate one, try visiting the Small Settlement Fast Tavel point (coordinates 73, -487).

However, to increase your profits, you can also sell them to the Black Marketeer or even trade your Pals for more rare breeds. You can find him at the Desolate Church Fast Travel point (coordinates 49, -402).


Selling Abundant Resources 

As you progress through the game, you will find yourself hoarding several resources like Wood, Stone, Ores, Wool, etc. You will also notice yourself hunting down a lot more Pals which also drops numerous other materials that can all be sold at Wandering Merchants. Once you’ve made enough progress and set up a few autonomous operations at your base, these in-game items and resources will not be useful, and selling them would be the best way to clear up more inventory space while also earning Gold.

Take Advantage of Gold Digger Pals

This is by far the most reliable and efficient way to farm an almost endless supply of Gold in Palworld. Your befriended Pals have several passive abilities and some of them possess the skill called Gold Digger, allowing them to dig up Gold while working at Ranches in your base.

Mau and Mau Cryst possess this ability and you must assign them to the Ranch, which unlocks fairly early in the game at level 5 and it can be built using the following materials:

  • X50 Wood

  • X20 Stone

  • X30 Fiber

mau farm

Once assigned, they will start grazing the fields which essentially means they are searching for Gold to dig up. You can also assign Pals to collect the Gold and store them in a chest. To speed things up, you can also place the chest closer to the Ranch. Once you unlock the ability to set up several bases, you can create one just for farming Gold.

Hunt for Chests

Once you embark on various adventures throughout Palpagos Island, you will encounter several chests on your path. You will often find resources and other in-game items along with a healthy stack of Gold inside them. You will also find rare glowing chests that can be unlocked through Copper and Silver Keys.

Kill Adversaries and Dungeon Farming

You will encounter several enemies while exploring the various biomes of Palworld and more often than not, these adversaries will drop lucrative items upon killing them. You will find syndicate soldiers while exploring unknown regions or during raids and apart from Gold, they will also drop other crucial resources like ammunition, medicine, etc.

If you want to take the evil route, you can also capture these humans and sell them to the Black Marketeer to acquire a considerable amount of Gold. Keep in mind that attempting to sell them at a regular Merchant will get you arrested. 

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