Best Pals for Combat in Palworld


Best Pals for Combat in Palworld

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Here are the nine best Pals that you can use in Palworld for combat.
The best pal is ultimately the one that complements your playstyle and fits the demands of the current task.

Palworld has over a hundred Pals to choose from and each one of them comes with its specialties. Some pals are better at producing materials while others are better at combat. If you are looking for the best pals for combat in Palworld, here are our picks for the most powerful pals in the game for all playstyles.

Do note that our picks are based on the amount of utility they bring to the table during combat instead of just raw damage numbers. Making a well-rounded team is important if you want your pals to win when going up against other pals or when defending your base during raids.

Best Pals for Combat in Palworld

When it comes to choosing the best combat pals in Palworld, it depends heavily on your preferred playstyle and the specific challenges you're facing. However, here are some top contenders for various situations:

The Top Three

  • Lovander: This fluffy pal's Heart Drain ability absorbs your incoming damage and converts it into healing, making it incredibly resilient. It also boasts impressive melee attacks and decent mobility.

  • Anubis: A fearsome fighter with powerful AOE attacks and lightning-fast teleport dashes. If you want to dominate the battlefield with raw power and agility, Anubis is your beast.

  • Ribbony: This agile bunny might not look intimidating, but its rapid-fire bullet attacks dish out serious damage and make it a nightmare for ranged enemies. Its crafting-focused trait provides a nice bonus for resource gathering.

Best Supports

  • Mushling: This adorable mushroom pal uses its spores to buff your attack speed and movement, enhancing your overall offensive capabilities. They can also heal wounds in a pinch.

  • Chubby Blob: Don't underestimate this rotund friend! Its Goo Throw applies status effects like slow and poison, while Goo Explosion deals decent damage and knocks back enemies. Chubby Blobs are also surprisingly durable.

  • Ptera Pumptang: This flying pal provides invaluable aerial support with its ranged stun attacks and ability to carry you to strategic positions. Perfect for scouting and harassing enemies from above.

Situationally Great Picks

  • Cactuar: This spiky fighter excels against water-based enemies with its Thorn Needle attack. It also boasts decent defense and can be useful for traversing desert areas.

  • Sharktopus: A brutal underwater predator that shreds through oceanic foes. Its Anchor Throw allows you to pull enemies closer for easier pummeling. Consider Sharktopus for aquatic adventures.

  • Sparkly Snaily: This luminescent pal illuminates dark areas and provides a helpful defense buff against electric attacks. While not a frontline fighter, it offers valuable utility in specific situations.

Remember, the best pal is ultimately the one that complements your playstyle and fits the demands of the current task. Experiment with different combinations, adapt to enemy weaknesses, and don't be afraid to switch pals on the fly to maximize your combat effectiveness.

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