Best Endgame Pals in Palworld


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Best Endgame Pals in Palworld

Abhimannu Das
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Here are our picks for the best endgame Pals in Palworld that you should obtain.
Most of our top picks are Legendary Pals that can add a lot of value in battles as well as base building.

Palworld has over a hundred Pals to choose from and picking the right ones during the later stages of the game can be tricky. If you already have a proper base in your world and are looking to capture the best Pals that you can get to power up your roster, here are our picks for the best endgame pals in Palworld.

Best Endgame Pals in Terms of Overall Power

Frostallian (Legendary, Ice)

Boasts massive HP, high attack, and powerful Ice moves, capable of soloing most foes.

Jetragon (Legendary, Fire/Dragon/Dark)

Powerful flyer with incredible stats, offering offensive prowess and Dark-type versatility.

Shadowbeak (Legendary, Dark/Flying)

Top-tier attacker with exceptional stats and high mobility, ideal for dealing heavy damage.

Best Endgame Support Pals

Lovander (Epic, Psychic): Absorbs damage and heals allies through Heart Drain, valuable for tough encounters.

Lunaris (Epic, Fairy): Provides buffs and utility, enhancing your team's overall performance.

Pen King (Epic, Water): Offers strong defense and healing potential, making it a reliable tank and support.

Best Niche Pals

Warthog (Epic, Fire)

Excellent for fast breeding and meat production.

Lillin (Legendary, Psychic)

Fastest flying mount in the game, perfect for speedy travel.

Serpent Celery (Epic, Water)

Offers high fishing yields, ideal for resource acquisition.

How to Capture Legendary Pals Easily in Palworld

Capturing Legendary Pals in Palworld requires careful preparation and a strategic approach. Here's a guide to help you increase your chances of success:

  1. Gather Information: Research the specific Legendary Pal you're targeting. Learn its weaknesses, location, and typical moveset. This will help you choose the right strategies and equipment.

  2. Level Up: Ensure your team is strong enough to take on the Legendary Pal. Aim for a level close to or exceeding the target's.

  3. Stock Up: Bring plenty of healing items, potions, and capture balls (Legendary Spheres have a higher capture rate). Consider using status-inducing items to weaken the Pal.

  4. Choose Your Team: Select Pals with type advantages against the Legendary Pal. Consider including Pals with healing or support abilities.

We have a guide on every Legendary Pal in Palworld if you want to target specific Pals to add to your roster.

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