Here is all you need to know about the Attack On Titan city replica in Palworld.


Attack on Titan Meets Palworld: Fan Creates Replica

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A Palworld player has created a replica of the iconic city depicted in Attack on Titan.
The project required over 150 hours of work put in over two weeks.
Here is all you need to know about the Attack On Titan city replica in Palworld.

An Attack on Titan fan in Palworld has completed a giant project recreating the central city in the game. The massive undertaking was posted on the Palworld Subreddit by creator Commercial_Neck8986. The Redditor mentions it took them two weeks to finish the iconic city from Attack on Titan and they plan to expand it even further stating their mission was to “make the forgotten island the next paradis island.”

Attack On Titan Meets Palworld

Palworld players have been building impressive things since the game first came out in mid-January including massive spiral bases and impressive multiple-level designs. However the mammoth building project by Commercial_Neck8986 goes above and beyond mere bases. The player recreated the entire city on Paradis Island in the game, including the concentric walls that surround the many districts from the popular anime Attack on Titan. 

The creator gave players an aerial tour of remnants of Eldia, including parts of the Shiganshina District and others on a Jetragon. Commercial_Neck8986 says they “didn't use any mods for infinite resources nor weight capacity,” only turning off decay to preserve the buildings as he built outside the Palbox circle. 

The creator outsourced the mining of mining ores and stones to pals and left the game open while AFK to collect massive amounts of Stone and Cement. They also mentioned that they bred a lot of Anubis which luckily had the Artisan and Work Slave passives. The Artisan passive lets Pals work 50% faster while Work Slave adds another boosted 30% at the cost of 30% Attack.  “Just leave your PC open for 5-6 hrs and you’ll be surprise [sic] how many stones they can get. I carried 500-600 stones and 50 cements when I did the exterior walls, and carried 800 stones when doing the foundation and house. I mostly got all the roofing materials from the trees present in the map. But yeah it's a lot returning from point a to point b.”

One fan asked Commercial_Neck8986 how they managed to clear the numerous trees on the island, to which they responded, “The project took around 150 hours over two weeks to complete", with the creator mentioning they were planning “to do the upper portion of the map, and the whole island” but that was for “next week”. 

The creator had previously posted an earlier, smaller version of the city. 

That’s all you need to know about the Attack On Titan city replica in Palworld.

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