Who Is Blade in Honkai: Star Rail?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is everything about&nbsp;Blade in Honkai: Star Rail.</p></div>
Here is everything about&nbsp;Blade in Honkai: Star Rail.


Blade in Honkai: Star Rail is one of the Stellaron Hunters.
Blade can be seen as an NPC in Honkai.
Here is everything about Blade in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail’s official account has tweeted about a number of characters soon joining the game as limited-time Warp banner additions including Stellaron Hunters Blade and Kafka. Blade was first announced a year ago on 24th May 2022, by name only, but was later officially announced on 25th May 2022, as a playable character. Players with access to the Honkai beta have already experienced Blade in his full glory but others will have to wait for his release in the game, speculated to be during the July update for the game. Both Blade and fellow Stellaron hunter Kafka have been seen in a number of instances in the game, including the start of the game’s cutscene.

Who is Blade in Honkai: Star Rail?

HoYoverse revealed several details about Blade in a blog post last year including his basic attack, skill, talent and ultimate animation along with some information about him. Today, the developer tweeted out about the character saying, “A swordsman who abandoned his body to become a blade. Birth name unknown. He pledges loyalty to Destiny's Slave, and possesses a terrifying self-healing ability. Blade wields an ancient sword riddled with cracks, just like his body and his mind.”

Blade is a five-star, Wind-based character who will be unlockable through The Destruction path. His abilities suggest he will be a bruiser-type character. He is part of the Stellaron Hunters, founded and led by Elio. They are a mysterious organization that collects Stellarons. He was first seen in the game in Version 0.70. During the Second Closed Beta, the Express Logistics event issued multiple beta-exclusive Character Wishboxes. After using them, you could select from one of the following characters:

  • Jing Yuan (The Erudition: Lightning)

  • Blade (The Destruction: Wind)

  • Seele (The Hunt: Quantum)

  • Luocha (The Abundance: Imaginary)

  • Kafka (The Nihility: Lightning)

  • Silver Wolf (The Nihility: Quantum)

Leaks suggest Silver Wolf will become the first to join the roster in Version 1.1 and Kafka in 1.2. You will be able to get Blade in Honkai: Star Rail through his limited-time Warp banner when it releases in the game. To perform the Warps, you need Stellar Jade or the Special Star Rail Pass. 

Blade’s abilities in Honkai: Star Rail

According to ClutchPoints, here are Blade’s abilities:

Normal Attack – Shard Sword (Single Attack)

Blade's basic attack in Honkai: Star Rail

Deals % of Blade’s ATK as Wind DM to a target enemy.

Skill – Hellscape (Enhance)

Blade's skill enhances his attacks.

Consumes % of Blade’s Max HP to Immediately Advance action forward by 100%. In addition, DMG increases by 12% and his Normal Attack “Shard Sword” is enhanced to “Forest of Swords” for 3 turns.

Hellscape cannot be used while Forest of Swords is still active. If Blade’s HP will reach 0 upon using Hellscape, his HP will be reduced to 1. This Skill does not generate Energy.

Ultimate – Death Sentence (AoE)

Blade's ultimate in Honkai's final instances resemble the Higanbana or the red spider lily.&nbsp;

Deals % of Blade’s ATK plus % of Max HP as Wind DMG to an enemy and % of Blade’s ATK plus % of his Max HP as Wind DMG to adjacent targets. Additionally, set Blade’s current HP to 50% of his Max HP.


Every time he takes DMG, Blade gains 1 Charge stack for 3 turns, stacking up to 5 times. When the maximum Charge stacks is reached, consume all Charges and immediately unleash a follow-up attack on all enemies, dealing ?% of Blade’s ATK plus ?% of the HP loss while stacking Charges as Wind DMG.

Then, restore Blade’s HP by 30% of his Max HP.


Blade in Honkai: Star Rail has a number of different attacks.

Immediately attack the enemy. After entering battle, consume 20% of Blade’s Max HP and deals 40% of Blade’s Max HP as Wind DMG to all enemies.

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