Should You Pull for Acheron in Honkai: Star Rail as a F2P Player?



Should You Pull for Acheron in Honkai: Star Rail as a F2P Player?

Abhimannu Das
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Acheron scales very well with her 5-star light cone and premium support options but she performs adequately well at E0S0.
Her light cone is a significant upgrade to her power and you can consider picking it up if you have the spare Stellar Jade.

Acheron is an upcoming Nihility DPS unit who is set to arrive in Honkai: Star Rail patch 2.1. The official livestream for the update will take place on 16th March where we will get a first look at her kit. But we already got a look at her kit thanks to leaks from the ongoing 2.1 beta. If you are wondering if you should pull for her, here's what you need to know as a free-to-play player.

Should You Pull for Acheron in Honkai: Star Rail 2.1?

TLDR: Acheron is worth it as a free-to-play player but requires heavy investment. If you like the character and feel that Acheron will increase your enjoyment of Honkai: Star Rail, do not let anyone influence your decision.

You can check out Acheron's kit to have a better understanding of how she works. We also have guides for her best free-to-play teams, materials pre-farming and light cones.

Here's a very quick summary of her kit:

Acheron is a Nihility DPS that requires two other Nihility characters in your party. She gains a massive damage buff provided you meet her teambuilding requirements. Secondly, she does not generate ultimate energy through traditional means. You have to build stacks known as Slashed Dream by applying debuffs using any ally, using her skill or her technique. When she gains nine stacks of Slashed Dream, she can use her Ultimate.

Acheron scales well with investment

All DPS characters require supports to perform well and Acheron is no different. But what's different about her is that you need to run characters who can apply debuffs consistently and you also need to meet the requirement of two Nihility teammates at E0.

This limits her teambuilding options to some extent but her ideal teams are by no means inaccessible. You can play her with Guinaifen and Pela as your two 4-star Nihility supports, and she will perform extremely well. We are also getting Gallagher, an Abundance character capable of applying debuffs, which will allow you to create an Acheron team with just 4-star units that perform quite well.

Do You need Acheron's signature light cone?

Acheron has one of the strongest signature light cones we have ever seen. This is mostly due to the fact that existing Nihility characters and their light cones are designed around damage over time (DoT) effects and debuffs. She is the first crit-based DPS option so her light cone options are limited.

Our light cones guide has a detailed breakdown of her best options but do not feel pressured to pull for her light cone as you could go for another 5-star character instead of Acheron's light cone. There are countless showcases out there that prove that even with free-to-play light cones, Acheron clears difficult content like Memory of Chaos Floor 12 fairly easily.

If you don't have one of Acheron's best-in-slot 4-star teammates, there are leaks pointing to a 4-star selector featuring every single 4-star character that released after patch 1.0. You can pick up Guinaifen, Pela, Gallagher or one of their important eidolons to make your Acheron team stronger.

Despite Acheron's teambuilding restrictions, she is a competent unit and she has the potential to get significantly stronger with the release of more synergistic Nihility units. A lot of the older characters have gotten significantly stronger with the release of recent support units and Acheron is likely to be no different. There are leaks suggesting that an upcoming Nihility character, Jiaoqiu, applies debuffs and also heals allies. If the leaks are true, Jiaoqiu is another unit you should keep an eye out for in future patches if you choose to get Acheron.

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