Best F2P Teams for Acheron in Honkai: Star Rail



Best F2P Teams for Acheron in Honkai: Star Rail

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Acheron is Honkai: Star Rail's newest DPS character who treads on the Path of Nihility.
Unlike other Nihility DPS characters, she does not rely on damage over time (DoT) effects.
She is slightly restrictive when it comes to teambuilding and you need to build your team around her kit.

Acheron is a 5-star Lightning character on the Nihility path in Honkai Star Rail. She is a damage dealer (DPS) who focuses on building up a buff called "Slashed Dream" and inflicting an ailment called "Crimson Knot" on enemies. She cannot generate energy naturally and relies on teammates to build stacks for her kit. You should check out Acheron's kit to have a better understanding of how her abilities work. With that out of the way, here are the best teams for Acheron in Honkai: Star Rail.

F2P Teambuilding Guide for Acheron in Honkai: Star Rail

All E0 Acheron teams require two Nihility characters. Depending on your character investment and the content you are playing, you may choose to run a sustain or an additional debuffer or Harmony unit. Our guide will focus on teams that do run a sustain unit.

Light Cones

Check out our Acheron light cones guide for a detailed look at her best options. The short version of it is that her signature is VERY good. It has a built in debuff that can accelerate how frequently your Acheron uses her Ultimate.

The issue with light cones for Acheron is that all existing characters are either damage over time (DoT) characters or debuffers. She is the first Crit-based Nihility DPS so we don't really have good options. If you are not going for her light cone, consider using Good Night and Sleep Well if you have it which is still a gacha light cone. You can also consider using Fermata (S5). While the damage dropoff is huge. She can still clear content comfortably with the right investment so don't feel pressured to pull for her light cone if you don't want to.

Sustain Options

The best free-to-play sustain options are Lynx and Gallagher. Gallagher is the better option of the two because he has access to debuffs that can help accelerate your Acheron's Ultimate stacks. One thing to note is that we are getting a free 4-star selector featuring all post-release 4-star units and it includes Gallagher. You can pick him up for free and he should perform well even at E0.

Gallagher - HSR


You can run the Multiplication light cone for SP generation and give him as much speed as possible with some Break Effect (he gets a healing bonus based on his Break Effect) and he should do well. It is also important to note that unlike other healers, Gallagher has flat healing numbers that are tied to his trace levels. While he does get healing bonuses from Break Effect, you do not need to give him HP or ATK to boost his healing like you would with characters like Luocha or Huohuo. His debuff application may require some Effect Hit Rate (EHR) so consider holding off on farming gear for him until he releases in 2.1 and we have a better understanding of how much EHR he needs

The alternative to running a healer is using a Preservation character with Trend of the Universal Market. You have a high chance to apply Burn when your Preservation character gets hit and give you stacks towards Acheron's Ultimate. Gepard just might be the best in slot character for this role. He has a Talent that boosts his taunt level greatly, making the light cone work more consistently on him. He is a very comfortable character to use at high investment so be prepared to farm for the Energy Regeneration and Speed that he needs to perform well in difficult content.

Nihility Supports

Pela and Guinaifen are your two most accessible 4-star units to run with Acheron. If you have Guinaifen E1 and Pela E4, the team will perform better but eidolons are not needed to make the team function. If you have Silver Wolf you can use her instead of Guinaifen and double dip into Defence shred for a massive damage boost.

Guinaifen - HSR


You want Before the Tutorial Mission Starts on Pela and Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat on Guinaifen ideally. Tutorial is an event light cone that was available in the original Silver Wolf banner and newer players might not have access to it so feel free to replace it with any other Nihility light cone. Resolution is a great light cone to shred Defence and it is a decent option even at S1 but you may need to build some extra Effect Hit Rate to compensate for the lack of Superimpositions.

Acheron's Best F2P Teams in Honkai: Star Rail

Note: We will include teams with sustain units. If you are looking to low-cycle content in Memory of Chaos, feel free to remove your Abundnace/Preservation unit in favor of more offensive options. We will also use Gallagher as a baseline sustain, feel free to replace him with a Trend of the Universal Market user or a different healer.

Acheron, Silver Wolf, Pela, Gallagher

Silver Wolf

This is one of Acheron's best teams in an E0 hypercarry setup and it can dish out amazing damage. If you have Silver Wolf on Before the Tutorial Mission Starts and Pela on Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat, you can obliterate your enemies' Defence stat.

Acheron, Guinaifen, Pela, Gallagher

Guinaifen is an amazing alternative to Silver Wolf for F2P players. You can build your Nihility characters with maximum Energy Regeneration and SPD and get them to build your Acheron's ultimate stacks as quickly as possible. Like we mentioned earlier, E1 Guinaifen and E4 Pela can add a lot of value to your team. The team consumes very little SP and you can use your skill on Acheron every time she gets her turn without worrying about skill point consumption.

Alternatives and Upgrades

There is a 4-star selector coming our way so the 4-star only teams should be accessible to everyone. If you are looking for upgrades to the teams, you can consider using Black Swan, Kafka at high SPD to support your Acheron while also dishing out great damage. While they might steal some of the spotlight, premium 5-star DoT characters can work reasonably well even with average investment.

There are also players who are looking to play without a sustain and have Welt and Ruan Mei take up two of the slots. If it is something you are interested in trying out and have the necessary units, feel free to give it a go. You can also try running Bronya or Sparkle instead of a sustain to give your Acheron more turns but playing without a sustain is not comfortable unless you are trying to clear content in minimal cycles by taking as little damage as possible.

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