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Ruan Mei Revealed for Honkai Star Rail 1.6: What We Know So Far

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Hoyoverse just revealed three new characters who will debut in Honkai Star Rail patch 1.6’s banners.
Ruan Mei is one of the three 5-stars who will arrive in the patch.
She is an Ice character who treads on the Path of Harmony and offers teammates Weakness Break, Attack and Speed buffs.

As we inch closer to the release of patch 1.5, Hoyoverse has already dropped a set of teasers that showcase patch 1.6’s characters. There are three new characters coming to patch 1.6 which includes Xueyi, Dr. Ratio and Ruan Mei. The most interesting character of the three is arguably Ruan Mei, as she will be the very first limited 5-star Harmony character to join Honkai Star Rail’s roster and will directly compete with Bronya, who has been the best support since the game’s release.

Who is Ruan Mei in Honkai Star Rail?

We have seen Ruan Mei being referenced in Herta’s Simulated Universe but we have not met her in a Trailblaze Mission yet. She is likely to get a companion quest or be featured in patch 1.6’s Trailblaze Missions. 

According to the official reveal, Ruan Mei is “a sweet-tempered and elegant scholar. Member #81 of the Genius Society. An expert in the biological sciences. She earned Nous' attention with her talent and terrifying perseverance, and began her research on the origin of life in a secret corner of the universe. For that, she was invited by Herta to collaborate with Screwllum and Stephen to develop the Simulated Universe. Secretly, she greatly enjoys traditional theater and desserts, and she is also very interested in embroidery.”

Ruan Mei’s Abilities in Honkai Star Rail

Here are Ruan Mei’s leaked abilities: 

Skill: Increase damage dealt by the entire team.

Ultimate: Deploys a barrier where the whole team’s attack is increased and when an enemy’s shield is broken, a mark is attached to them. Enemies with a mark have their weakened state durations increased.

Talent: Increase damage dealt by the entire team to enemies in a weakened state.

Technique: Deploy a barrier that prevents enemy hostility within its range. When combat is engaged within the barrier, the entire team’s break effect is increased for several rounds.

Do note that the character is still in beta and her kit is subject to change. Take leaks with a grain of salt and wait for Hoyoverse’s official reveal to know if you should pull for her or not.

Ruan Mei’s Release Date 

Ruan Mei is expected to be released in December 2023 when patch 1.6 arrives. If she is in the second-half of the patch, you will have to wait around 20 days after the patch drops to spend your Star Rail Passes on her banner.

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