5 Things Players Can Expect From Version 1.5 of Honkai Star Rail


5 Things Players Can Expect From Version 1.5 of Honkai Star Rail

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Version 1.5 of Honkai Star Rail is shaping up to be an exciting update, with new characters, items, and an expanded map to look forward to.
While some information is based on leaks, we've rounded up the top five things you can expect from Honkai Star Rail Version 1.5.

Honkai Star Rail is gearing up for its version 1.5 update, and players eagerly await what this next patch will bring. With a mandatory livestream event on the horizon, players can look forward to an array of new content and features. While some information is based on leaks, we've rounded up the top five things you can expect from Honkai Star Rail Version 1.5.

Upcoming Character and Light Cone Banners

The character banners have always been a highlight of Honkai Star Rail patches, and version 1.5 is no exception. The new 5-star characters, Argenti and Huohuo, have already been confirmed through previous marketing campaigns. Argenti hails from the Physical roster, while Huohuo is all about the Wind element. Additionally, a new 4-star Harmony unit, Hanya, will make her debut in one of the limited-time banners. During the livestream, you can look forward to a detailed preview of these characters' abilities and gameplay.

Silver Wolf Rerun

According to various sources, the next 5-star character rerun in Honkai Star Rail will be Silver Wolf. This announcement should come as no surprise to seasoned players, as she was last featured in version 1.1. While you might not get to see her gameplay during the livestream, the official broadcast will reveal her banner order.

It's been speculated that her special Warp will appear in the second phase of version 1.5, making this rerun an exciting prospect for those who missed out on her the first time around.

Honkai Star Rail 1.5  Silver Wolf Rerun

In-game screenshot

Battle Pass Capacity Increase

Version 1.5 will see an expansion of the Battle Pass capacity from Level 50 to 70. This increase will offer Trailblazers more resources, even at the free-to-play tiers. Leaks suggest that these extra levels will mostly contain Credits and Relic Remains, but players are hopeful that additional rewards will be added to in the future.

Be sure to tune in to the livestream to get all the details about this exciting Battle Pass expansion.

Map Expansion and Companion Quest

Players can expect a new location in the Xianzhou Luofu area, likely the final zone before Trailblazers head to Penacony. This map expansion promises to reveal more lore-centric details about the faction and offer plenty of exploration opportunities for eager adventurers.

The new area is rumored to be linked directly to Huohuo's companion quest, which will be available in the version 1.5 update of Honkai Star Rail. So, if you're a fan of lore and exploration, this feature is one to look forward to.

Huohuo - Honkai Star Rail

New Planar Ornaments and Relics

Version 1.5 will introduce two new Planar Ornaments and Relics, which are sure to enhance the combat potential of both existing and future characters. The Ashblazing Grand Duke Relic is designed to boost the damage of follow-up attacks, while the Prisoner in Deep Confinement Relic focuses on increasing Damage over Time (DoT). As for Planar Ornaments, the Firmament Frontline Glamoth will amplify the wearer's damage output and the Penacony Land of Dreams is tailored to boost Energy Recharge while enhancing the damage of allies.

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