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Robin in Honkai Star Rail: Leaked Kit, Release Date and More

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Robin is an upcoming 5-star Harmony character set to debut in patch 2.2 of Honkai: Star Rail.
Robin disables her own actions while buffing her teammates' damage and speed.

We are still a couple of weeks away from the release of patch 2.1 and Hoyoverse is already teasing characters set to release in 2.2. Robin is the first character to get drip marketed for the future patch which should release sometime around 5th May. Going by previous trends, she will be on the first banner and the second-half character will be revealed tomorrow (13th March) so stay tuned for our coverage on that as well. Here's a quick look at Robin's leaked kit in Honkai: Star Rail and what we know about her.

Who is Robin in Honkai: Star Rail?

We will leave out the spoilers from the Penacony Trailblaze quests in case you have not done them yet, but here's the official introduction of the character by Hoyoverse:

A Halovian singer born in Penacony and rose to cosmic fame. An elegant and demure young lady. This time, she has been invited home by The Family to grace everyone with a song at the Charmony Festival. She can use the power of Harmony to broadcast her music, manifesting "resonance" among not only her fans but all manner of lifeforms.

Robin is voiced by Alice Himora and her singing voice is voiced by Austalian singer Chevy.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.2 - Robin's Leaked Kit

Here are some tidbits about her kit that we discovered in December 2023. The 2.2 beta should kick off in a few days and we will get a better look at her abilities and animations soon.


  • Decreases her own Aggro

  • Increases teammates damage (Higher with E6)

  • Enters a "disabled" state for "countdown" time, she'll become active after this countdown is over.

  • Action Advances all teammates


  • If E1 when on "disabled" state, increases SPD and DMG on teammates.

  • If E6 when on "disabled" state, gives debuff resistance to teammates and dispels their debuffs.


  • Gives ATK% to teammates for X turns (Higher with E2)


  • Teammates get Critical Damage increase (based on hers) and Speed increase.

  • She self heals when under X amount of HP.

  • She gets energy after teammates take their turn X times.

Robin's Release Date in Honkai: Star Rail

Robin is set to release in patch 2.2, which should drop around 5th May. This does not account for any potential delays or an extended patch 2.1.

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