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Huohuo vs Luocha: Which Abundance Character Should You Save For?

Abhimannu Das
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If you skipped Luocha or started playing after his banner in Honkai Star Rail, we are here to help you chose between him and Huohuo.
While both Luocha and Huohuo are from the Path of Abundance, their kits have important differences.

A lot of players skipped Luocha when he first arrived in Honkai Star Rail and they now regret it due to how much of a staple he is to the meta. With the game’s second limited Abundance character Huohuo arriving soon, many are wondering if they should save for Luocha or get Huohuo instead. While both characters are extremely powerful, it is important to know the differences between the two before spending your Stellar Jade.

Huohuo vs Luocha in Honkai Star Rail

Both Huohuo and Luocha are Skill Point positive which means that they generate more Skill Points than they spend, which is very important in Honkai Star Rail as it allows your other characters to use skills more frequently. That being said, Luocha can heal you without needing to use a turn. He also has the ability to cleanse debuffs with his automatic heal which is something Huohuo cannot do.

Huohuo on the other hand is able to give your entire team Ultimate energy and an ATK% buff. While she does have a cleanse via her Skill, it pales in comparison to how easily Luocha can keep your team free from any kind of debuffs. Huohuo can greatly improve your team’s damage by giving you access to buffs and faster Ultimates. 

It is important to have some form of cleanse in hard fights and if you have someone like Bronya or Fu Xuan who can help you mitigate negative effects, then Huohuo might be the better pick for you. Both characters are great and if you do not have a strong Abundance character, you should definitely grab one of them. 

Note: While both characters are powerful, you do not need them to clear content. Players are able to clear all content using other sustain characters just fine. You should not feel pressured into spending money on the game if you do not want to in order to obtain both of these characters.

Huohuo’s Kit in Honkai Star Rail

Skill: Soul Talisman: Life-saving Protection – Instantly heals a single ally for a significant amount of HP, and heals adjacent allies for a smaller amount of HP.

Ultimate: Tail: Exorcising Ghosts and Summoning Spirits Restores energy to all allies except for Huohuo, and increase the ATK of all allies for 2 turns.

Talent: Attachment: Qi Channels Open to the Heavens. After using a skill, Huohuo gains “Fate Protection” or “Spiritual Efficacy”. While active, each ally restores HP or energy at the start of each turn, respectively, and the effects are removed after triggering 10 times.

Technique: Fierce Demon: Oppressing and Subduing Evil Spirits. Huohuo intimidates surrounding enemies, causing them to flee in the opposite direction. After attacking, enemies in the “Dispersed Soul” state have their ATK decreased.

Luocha’s Kit in Honkai Star Rail

Skill: After using his Skill, immediately restore a single ally's HP equal to 48% of Luocha's ATK plus 160. Meanwhile, Luocha gains 1 stack of Abyss Flower. When an ally's HP drops below 50%, Luocha will immediately use his Skill 1 time on this ally (without consuming Skill Points). This effect can be triggered again when the conditions are met after Luocha takes action 2 more time(s).

Ultimate: Dispels 1 enemy buff(s) and deals Imaginary DMG equal to 80% of Luocha's ATK to all enemies. For every enemy buff dispelled, Luocha gains 1 stack of Abyss Flower.

Talent: When Abyss Flower is stacked 2 time(s), Luocha consumes all stacks to deploy a Field against the enemy. When any enemy in the Field is attacked by an ally, the ally immediately restores HP equal to 15% of Luocha's ATK plus 50. The Field effect lasts 2 turn(s).

Technique: After using his Technique, Luocha immediately heals an ally with the lowest current HP percentage equal to 50% of Luocha's Max HP.

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