5 Reasons Why Players Should Build Gepard in Honkai Star Rail



5 Reasons Why Players Should Build Gepard in Honkai Star Rail

It's cool to have Gepard on your team in Honkai Star Rail.

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Gepard in Honkai Star Rail is a 5-star Preservation character that can provide a shield for all allies.
While Fu Xuan is currently the hot topic, Gepard can still be quite viable as a Tank on some occasions.
Here are 5 reasons why players should build Gepard in Honkai Star Rail.

Gepard in Honkai Star Rail is arguably one of the best Preservation characters in the game. This is due to him having one of the strongest shield buffs in the game and how easy he is to build compared to other support characters. While Fu Xuan is a tough competitor as a Tank support, there are a few DPS-type characters that work well with Gepard in Honkai Star Rail than her. He is also quite accessible as he is part of the permanent Standard Banner, allowing players more chances to acquire him anytime they want. Here are 5 reasons why players should consider building Gepard in Honkai Star Rail and what sets him apart from Fu Xuan.

5 Reasons why Gepard is still worth building in Honkai Star Rail

1. Very cheap to build

One of the biggest benefits of having Gepard is the fact that he does not require so many resources to build. The minimum requirement for him to work is upgrading his Ultimate ability “Enduring Bulwark” to increase his shield buff. Players can then equip Gepard with relics with DEF stats and he’s already an effective support for the team.

2. DEF and HP are very common stats in Relics

We have all experienced receiving a ton of Relics with DEF and HP main and sub-stats. This is why having a character that can capitalize on these stats will be a huge benefit for players. Gepard scales very well with DEF stats and having a bit of HP will add more to his durability as the frontline tank.

3. Flexible F2P Light Cone options

Adding more to how friendly Gepard in Honkai Star Rail is to Free-to-players (F2P), his Light Cone options are actually quite flexible. Players can choose to equip either Landau’s Choice, Day One of My New Life, or even We Are Wildfire. These options are quite easy to acquire as they are only 4-star tiers. 

5 Reasons why Gepard is still worth building in Honkai Star Rail


4. Solid Taunt and Shield effect

While Fu Xuan absorbs damage from allies, Gepard can negate damage with his shield and prevent his allies from being hit by acting as a human fortress. Characters like Yanqing who requires not to get hit by any form of damage will be able to hit their full potential when Gepard is on the party. 

5. 5-star Light Cone is also F2P

As one of the earliest 5-star characters to be released, the Light Cone of Gepard in Honkai Star Rail is actually F2P-friendly as you can purchase it in the Starlight Exchange using a currency you can get by simply pulling in any type of banner. With patience, you can save enough Undying Starlight tokens to purchase his 5-star Light Cone “Moment of Victory” to further boost his capability as a Tank character.

Gepard 5-Star Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail


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