Honkai Star Rail: Scott’s Box Combination Explained

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Scott is an NPC in Honkai: Star Rail who has a reputation for being money-minded and mistreating his workers.
When you complete the two parts of the ‘A Call From The Fragments’ readable, you learn more about Scott and his family.
Here’s how you open Scott’s box in the Fight Club in Boulder Town.

Honkai: Star Rail has a lot of intricate storylines to offer the players. There are numerous missions and interactions with non-player characters (NPCs) that let you explore different stories and understand these characters in-depth. Scott Prince is one such NPC in Honkai: Star Rail who has a reputation for being money-minded and mistreating his workers. He is a boxing gym owner. 

One hidden event in Boulder Town reveals more about Scott and once you stumble upon an old safebox in the Fight Club, you must correctly guess the combination to learn what truly happened to Scott and his family.

Here’s all you need to know about Scott’s old box and its combination in Honkai: Star Rail.

What is the combination of Scott’s old safebox?

Finding out about Scott is a part of ‘A Call From The Fragmentum’ readable that is found in Jarilo-VI. The first part ‘A Call From the Fragmentum: Clues From the Conversation’ will be received when players complete a hidden event in Backwater Pass. You need to investigate the phone booth across from Calyx (Crimson): Bud of Abundance and choose to pick up the call. Once the call ends, the Trailblazer will record information about what they heard.

After getting your hands on the first part, enter the Fight Club in Boulder Town and investigate the box to the left of the entrance. ‘A Call From the Fragmentum: Incident Report Compiled by the Guards’ will be obtained after the dialogue ends and you correctly guess the combination while doing the dialogues.

From the phone call, we infer the following clues:

  • The caller's name is unknown but it is a woman estimated to be around 40 years old. 

  • She argues with Scott and we learn that they are married. 

  • The cause of disharmony and fights in their marriage is due to Scott’s work ethic. 

  • She has a daughter named Beatrice whose birthday is on February 13 (0213).

Upon inspecting the old safebox in the Fight Club, listen to the dialogue and choose the following digits correctly:

  • Zero

  • Two

  • One

  • Three

Following this, the safe will get unlocked and you will see an incident report compiled by the guards. Upon reading, we learn that right after Beatrice’s fifth birthday on 14th February, Beatrice Prince and Alyssia Prince, Scott’s wife, were involved in a car accident that instantly killed Alyssia. After hearing this distressing news, Scott kept the report locked in a safebox in the Fight Club. 

So the combination to Scott’s box is 0213.

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