Honkai: Star Rail - Sam's Preliminary Test Kit Leaks Online



Honkai: Star Rail - Sam's Preliminary Test Kit Leaks Online

Abhimannu Das
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Sam is an upcoming 5-star Fire Destruction character in Honkai: Star Rail.
He is expected to debut in patch 2.3 later this year.

Sam is a Fire Destruction character in Honkai: Star Rail who is expected to debut in patch 2.3. We got a first look at his kit via Honey Hunter. Do note that this leak is yet to be verified and we can expect changes to his kit once the 2.3 beta goes live. You should use this leaked kit summary only to get an idea of what Sam's kit will look like at release and it is not indicative of the final product. Wait for the official 2.3 livestream by Hoyoverse to see Sam's kit officially.

Sam's Leaked Kit in Honkai: Star Rail

Basic Attack

Fire damage, single target. Consumes Sam's HP.


Fire damage, splash. Consumes Sam's HP.


  • Whenever Sam consumes HP or lost HP, gain a stack of "Inferno", has upper limit.

  • Gains atk +% that is based on Sam's maximum HP and the stacks of "Inferno".

  • Gain no more attack than a fraction of Sam's base attack stat this way (similar to Tingyun's skil).

  • Intake damage reduction based on the stacks of "Inferno".

  • If Sam has transformed, double the atk +% effect stated above as well as its upper limit.


  • Sam has no energy. He may use his ult when he has 100 "Inferno".

  • Fire damage, AoE. Then put the "Timer" into the action bar.

  • Sam transforms. He cannot use Basic Attack, Skill or Ultimate, he has access to Enhanced Skill and Enhanced Ultimate. The "Timer" has a fixed speed of 10 and isn't treated as a summoned. Action advance it by a fraction when Sam's turn ends. The "Timer" expires when its turn ends. When it does, Sam untransforms, loses all "Inferno" and heals himself.

Enhanced Skill:

  • This skill does not consume SP.

  • Fire damage, splash. This damage is treated as Ultimate damage.

  • Sam gains a stack of "Magma Power", up to 5 stacks.

Enhanced Ultimate:

  • Fire damage, AoE.

  • If Sam has any "Magma Power", consume all to increase the break efficiency and atk multiplier of this attack. Then action advance the "Timer" by 100%, thus Sam untransforms.

  • The actiate condition of this ultimate is unspecified. We don't know if the Ultimate can be activated at any time once enhanced.


  1. Transforms Sam in the overworld. He moves fast and is invisible to the enemy.

  2. Cast this technique again to untransform, then attack all enemies in a wide range.

  3. He gains 50 "Inferno" at the begining of the battle.

Major Traces:

  • Grants crowd control resistance per the stacks of "Inferno". This effect is doubled when Sam is transformed.

  • After the "Timer" expires, Sam is refunded with a fraction of spent "Inferno".

  • When Sam is transformed, crit damage +% based on his break effect, has an upper limit. Deals additional crit damage if the attack breaks the enemy or hits a broken enemy.

Sam's Eidolons in Honkai: Star Rail

E1: Speed Bonus. When Sam is transformed, action advance himself by a fraction when his turn ends.

E2: Sam gains 2 stacks of "Maxima Power" when he casts his normal ultimate. Whenever Sam kills an enemy using his enhanced skill, consumes a stack of "Maxima Power" and action advance himself by 100%, then delay the "Timer" by a fraction. When Sam casts his enhanced ult, unspent "Maxima Power" is treated as additional stacks of "Magma Power" and expires when he untransforms.

E3: Trace Level Increases

E4: When Sam has "Maxima Power" and his enhanced skill or enhanced ult has only hit 1 or 2 enemies, increase the atk multiplier of the attack, similar to Jing Liu's El. When Sam consumes "Maxima Power" to action advance himself, extend the duration of all buffs on him by 1 turn.

E5: Trace Level Increases.

E6: The effects in Sam's talent that grant himself atk +% and intake damage reduction based on the stacks of "Inferno" applies to the whole team, not just himself.

Note: This is a very questionable leak and we will have a more reliable look at Sam's kit once the 2.3 beta goes live.

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