Honkai: Star Rail Jiaoqiu Leaked Kit



Honkai: Star Rail Jiaoqiu Leaked Kit

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Jiaoqiu is an upcoming Fire character in Honkai: Star Rail who applies debuffs and boosts your team's damage output.
Jiaoqiu is likely to arrive after patch 2.0 as part of the Penacony expansion.

New information has surfaced about Honkai: Star Rail's upcoming content, particularly concerning the gameplay of the upcoming character Jiaoqiu, slated for release in the game's Penacony phase. Although HoYoverse has officially only confirmed the characters for Honkai: Star Rail's Version 2.0, various leaks have been circulating, revealing potential future characters. Leaked details about characters such as Boothill and Robin has players excited. In this guide, we will go over the leaked kit of

Honkai: Star Rail Jiaoqiu Abilities

Do note that the leaked kit below is based on a very early version of the character in the game's beta. Jiaoqiu is likely to go through numerous balance changes and tuning before he is released in the game but the leaks should give you a good idea of what to expect from the character.

Type: Fire (Possibly Path of Nihility)

Basic ATK

Attacking an enemy will apply the Debuff mentioned above for a set number of turns. The Debuff has an unknown percentage chance of application. The ATK also deals Fire DMG.


Applies a stack of Debuff on all enemies. Focused target is afflicted with two stacks of the Debuff.

Ultimate: Deals single-target Fire DMG to focused target. This focused foe receives the Debuff for a set number of turns at an unknown chance. The enemy with the highest number of Debuff stacks (X) is taken as a reference, and other enemies in the field receive additional Debuffs to match the value of X. Additionally, an aura is generated that heals an ally by a set percentage of Jiaoqiu’s own ATK. Enemies take additional damage from Ultimates and receive a Debuff stack if attacked at the start of the turn. Foes joining the battle after the aura is set in place also receive a set stack of Debuffs.

Players have noticed a pattern in the leaked abilities of characters set to debut in Penacony for Honkai: Star Rail, with a significant emphasis on debuffs. This new set of characters seems to integrate abilities that weaken enemies, aligning with the game's evolving strategy. The importance of Weakness Break, a mechanic already highlighted by characters like Ruan Mei and Xueyi in Version 1.6, is expected to grow. However, the exact date for Jiaoqiu's introduction to the game's roster remains unconfirmed.

With the anticipated arrival of Version 2.0, Penacony is poised to enrich Honkai: Star Rail with an array of new features. Based on the latest leaks, players can expect not just new characters but also fresh gameplay elements and puzzles unique to this upcoming world. Version 2.0 is also set to introduce various minor updates, including new bosses and Relic sets for players to discover. Jiaoqiu's entry into the game promises to add another intriguing option for players to explore in this expansive RPG universe.

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