Which Standard 5-Star Should You Get From Your 300 Pulls in Honkai: Star Rail?



Which Standard 5-Star Should You Get From Your 300 Pulls in Honkai: Star Rail?

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Bronya is the CEO of Hoyoverse and you should pick her from Honkai: Star Rail's Standard Banner and be done with your day.
Other great options include Welt, Gepard and Clara who can fit your account well depending on your other characters.

Once you hit 300 pulls on the Honkai: Star Rail Standard Banner, you can pick a free 5-star character of your choice. A lot of day-one players are hitting the 300 pull mark around the same time and if you have not spent any extra Stellar Jade, you should be very close to a free 5-star character. If you are wondering which Standard 5-star you should pick in Honkai: Star Rail, here’s what you need to know.

Consider Your Account’s State Before Deciding 

What roles do you need to fill? If you lack a strong tank, Gepard is a great choice. If you need a healer, Welt is solid. And if you need powerful support, Bronya is the way to go.

What element synergies do you have? Consider how the chosen character's element interacts with your existing team. Optimizing elemental combos can significantly boost your performance. Dr. Ratio is an upcoming free 5-star character who looks like he will work very well with Welt so you can consider Welt as your 5-star pick too.

You may also have all the characters on the Standard banner and an Eidolon might be better. Consider all of these things before deciding which character to go for. 

Honkai: Star Rail Best Characters to Get From the Standard Banner, Ranked


Bronya is by far the best 5-star Standard Banner character that you can get in Honkai: Star Rail. She gives your team cleansing, defense, damage bonuses, crit damage and action advances. She does it all and is arguably better than a lot of support options we got in the limited banners as well. If you don’t have her, just get her. You will never regret it.


Welt has shot up in priority solely because of his ability to work with Dr .Ratio. In case you are living under a rock, we are getting a free 5-star character (Dr. Ratio) starting with patch 1.6 and Welt synergizes with him really well. Ratio’s kit revolves around debuffs to enhance his damage and pull off follow-up attacks more consistently. Welt enables Dr. Ratio really well and you can consider picking him up.


Clara is a character that has a lot of variance when it comes to performance. If you put her in the right situations, she can outperform most DPS units in the game and her damage ceiling is sky-high. It also helps that her best-in-slot character Lynx is also a free unit and you can pair them and get great results. Her playstyle is unique and no other DPS character in the game has a counter mechanic like hers. 


Gepard seems like the no-brainer third best choice in the list but we placed her below Clara because he simply doesn’t fare well against the limited sustain units. It’s better to use free-to-play sustain units like Lynx and Natasha and go for a powerful Preservation character like Fu Xuan, or an Abundance character like Luocha or Huohuo. 

Gepard is more than capable of helping you clear Memory of Chaos Floor 12 but he can be frustrating to play because of his lack of cleanse, which is something Bailu also struggles with. Enemies at higher difficulties crowd control you a lot and having a cleanse is near mandatory right now for hard content.


Himeko has gotten a lot better since release with the arrival of new relic sets, Topaz and Ruan Mei. While she is a fairly reliable character right now, you are better off getting Eidolons for Bronya or Welt over getting Himeko. But if you do like the character (especially as an Honkai Impact 3rd player), feel free to get her. 

NOT Recommended 

Yanqing and Bailu

Yanqing simply does not cut it as an Ice DPS character and he is heavily outclassed by Jingliu, who you should probably save for if you do not have her. He loses a chunk of his damage output if he gets hit and you need to have a strong shield to make him function consistently which limits teambuilding options.

Bailu is a very strong healer and can keep your team alive but she does not have any form of cleanse, which is very frustrating against enemies that can crowd control you. 4-star options can remove debuffs more consistently and Bailu is simply not worth picking at this moment. 

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