Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner: How to Use

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Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner


Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner is a community-made tool that assists you in pre-farming for characters.
The page also features additional tools like a Warp Tracker, Data Bank and a character info Data Bank.

Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner by Star Rail Station is an excellent community-created tool that helps you to pre-farm resources for characters. With highly anticipated characters like Blade and Kafka on the horizon, you can have their trace materials, light cones, experience books, ascension materials and relics ready to go if you want to level them up on day one. Here is a quick guide on how to use Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner to help you familiarize yourself with the tool.

How to use Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner

Here’s how you can use the Honkai Star Rail Ascension Planner tool to farm materials for your favorite characters.

  1. Head to: https://starrailstation.com/en/planner

  2. Click on Add Character

  3. You can now choose the desired Trace levels of the character

  4. Click on Add Click Cone

  5. Add a Light Cone of your choice and choose a target level

  6. Click on Inventory

  7. Manually add your current stockpile of materials 

Once you are done, you will find out the exact amount of materials and credits you need to farm to reach your leveling goals. You can then click on the Settings button and export the data as an Excel sheet in case you want to reference it later.

The tool also has details of light cones, relics, consumables and other information in case you want to take a quick look at important information. There is a Warp Tracker feature as well that you can use to track your current pity and plan your wishes for future banners. Finally, there is an Achievements section that allows you to see all of the achievements available in the game and work towards anything you have not completed it.

That is all you need to know about using the Honkai Star Rail Ascension planner. For more content, check out our Silver Wolf build. If you are new to the game and wondering which characters are worth rerolling for, check out our Honkai Star Rail reroll guide.

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