Honkai Star Rail Alchemy Commission Chests


Honkai Star Rail Alchemy Commission Chests

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Honkai Star Rail’s 1.2 update introduced the Alchemy Commission as one of the new open-world areas that you can explore.
The area has over a dozen chests that you can grab for Stellar Jade, Trailblaze XP and other rewards.

Honkai Star Rail’s newest update introduced the Alchemy Commission area which has a host of chests that you can open for a bunch of Stellar Jade, Trailblaze XP and other rewards. While the game incentivizes players to go around and discover chests themselves, it can be difficult to find all of them. We have prepared a guide that will help you get all chests in the Alchemy Commission in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Alchemy Commission chest locations 

Here are two custom maps with all the chests marked, using triangles, to help you find the chests in the area. We also have written instructions in case you need help navigating around the area.

Honkai Star Rail Alchemy Commission chests
Honkai Star Rail Alchemy Commission chests
  1. Follow the path northwards to reach the Medicine Bureau waypoint. After passing stone seats on the left, ascend the staircase and make a U-turn to the right to locate the second chest. Be cautious, as there might be enemies in the vicinity.

  2. Next, return to the Cavern of Corrosion and take the left stairs. At the following junction, turn right, and you'll find the third chest near stone seats.

  3. Proceed down the stairs to find the fourth chest close to a stone seat at the store.

  4. Continue northward to find the fifth chest, situated in front of a dull red wall near a large flower pot.

  5. Head towards the Healer’s Market Waypoint and proceed north to find the Honkai Star Rail Alchemy Commission's sixth chest, which can be found near some tables and pots.

  6. From the previous location, head southeast to the area depicted on the map to find the seventh chest near some soldiers.

  7. Moving on from the seventh chest location, go northeast, passing the Dragon Tree, to find the eighth chest close to an orange-colored tree.

  8. Turn left after the stairs and proceed straight to discover the ninth chest between a building and a fence. Exercise caution here as there may be enemies to confront.

  9. Returning to the location of the eighth chest, take the left path and go to the area marked on the map to find the tenth chest situated behind a building.

  10. Once you have collected all ten chests on the second floor of the Alchemy Commission, fast-travel to the Elixir Research Terrace Waypoint and head northeast to find the 11th chest of the Honkai Star Rail Alchemy Commission.

  11. The 12th chest is located south of the Elixir Research Terrace Waypoint.

  12. From the location of the twelfth chest, take the left path, go down the stairs, and you'll find the 13th chest to the right.

  13. Finally, fast-travel to the Aureate Elixir Furnace Waypoint to find the 14th and last chest at the location indicated on the map. Be wary, as this chest is guarded by powerful enemies.

These are all of the chests that you can open in Honkai Star Rail’s Alchemy Commission area. The extra Stellar Jade can help you pull for Kafka or Blade in case you are saving up for them.

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