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Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 Pure Fiction: Fictitious Wordsmithing - Best Buffs and Teams

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Honkai: Star Rail 2.1's newest Pure Fiction cycle is now live and we are here to help you get those sweet Stellar Jades.
Here's a quick look at the best buffs that you should use to obtain all rewards.

Honkai: Star Rail's newest Pure Fiction cycle is now live and you can grab up to 720 Stellar Jades, 220,000 Credits and 600 Jade Feathers. You can use the Jade Feathers to purchase items from the Priceless Jewels Shop to get Self Modeling Resins, Relic Remains and other resources to level up your characters. Here's a quick look at the best buffs and teams you should use get yourself as many rewards as possible.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 - Pure Fiction Ficticious Wordsmithing Best Buffs

Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 - Pure Fiction Ficticious Wordsmithing Best Buffs

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Ficticious Wordsmithing (Available from 29th April to 10th June)

Whimsicality (Permanent Buff): Accumulate the amount of DMG dealt by allies' follow-up attacks. When this DMG amount reaches 100%, deal a set amount of DMG to all enemies.

Selectable Buffs (Any One Per Team)

Examination: Whimsicality no longer requires accumulated DMG from follow-up attack. Instead, the effect's DMG boost is increased by 60% after every time an ally launches 3 follow-up attacks.

Extrapolation: When the Whimsicality effect is triggered, regenerates Energy for all allies equal to 35% of their respective Max Energy. Energy recovered via this effect can exceed the ally's Max Energy.

Reductio ad Absurdum: Apart from follow-up attacks, all other kinds of DMG dealt by allies can also accumulate progress equal to 18% of the original DMG amount.

Which Buffs Should You Choose?

You do not need follow-up characters to do well. The Reductio ad Absurdum buff is the best for non follow-up attack teams. If you have follow-up characters like Herta, Himeko, Ratio, Topaz or Clara then Extrapolation is the best buff for follow-up attack teams.

Here's a quick showcase of a Stage 4 clear with max points (80,000) along with builds for all characters:

Some of the characters in the showcase boast early Eidolons but you should still be able to comfortably clear the stages with 60,000 Points or higher to get the full rewards with the same teams.

Best Teams for Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 - Pure Fiction Ficticious Wordsmithing (Stage 4)

Budget Team Options

Stage 4 - First Side

The first side of Stage 4 is weak to Fire and Ice which means that the traditional Himeko-Herta combo will do really well. If you do not have Himeko, you can substitute her for a buffer like Pela to take advantage of the Ice weakness. Asta is also a great option this Pure Fiction because of how many Fire weak enemies there are.

For your fourth slot you can use Gallagher who synergizes extremely well with Himeko thanks to his incredible breaking capabilities. You can also try playing without a sustain if you are lacking damage. Do note that even if one of your characters die, you can still get the full rewards so if you want the extra damage, feel free to go in without a healer or shielder.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 Pure Fiction Fictitious Wordsmithing


Stage 4 - Second Side

The second side is mostly weak to Lightning so Serval is going to be your best best if you don't have access to premium Lightning DPS options. She has been a consistent performer in Pure Fiction and pairs well with Tingyun who can help battery Serval's Ultimate. The other two slots can be taken up by your best buffers like Asta, Pela and Hanya. Sam is the final boss in the second side so going in without a sustain might be difficult. Try to maximize your points in the first side with Herta so you have some breathing room in the second side.

Premium Team Options

Stage 4 - First Side

The Himeko-Herta combo is going to be your best bet with Ruan Mei and Gallagher. I would argue that Gallagher is a better pick than any of the limited sustain options because he can solo break Elites which can trigger Himeko's follow-up attack immediately. There are plenty of Fire weak enemies, which allows you to get consistent breaks and get Himeko to take action more frequently with her follow-up attacks. A hypercarry Herta team with premium sustains should also do really well.

Argenti is also a great pick even though there is no Physical weakness. Pure Fiction is Argenti's stomping ground and he can perform well even off-element with ease if you have decent gear on him. The Extrapolation buff works extremely well with his kit because he relies on Energy regeneration to dish out powerful Ultimates.

Stage 4 - Second Side

You can take your pick from Kafka DoT teams, Acheron DoT teams, Acheron hypercarry teams or Jing Yuan. There is no shortage of Lightning damage DPSes in Honkai: Star Rail and any of the 5-star limited Lightning DPS options should do well. Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae should also be a great pick because of the Imaginary weak enemies.

This is not a comprehensive list of teams and if you have high enough investment, you can make a host of DPSes work.

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