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Dr. Ratio in Honkai Star Rail: What We Know So Far

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Hoyoverse just revealed three new characters coming to Honkai Star Rail version 1.6.
One of them is Dr. Ratio, an Imaginary Hunt character who will arrive sometime in December 2023.

We are still a couple of weeks away from the release of Honkai Star Rail’s patch 1.5 and Hoyoverse has already teased three new characters who will be making their way to patch 1.6. Dr. Ratio is an upcoming character in Honkai: Star Rail. He is an Imaginary unit according to the official reveal that just dropped today and he treads on the Path of the Hunt. While his kit is yet to be revealed officially, there are leaks doing the rounds that talk about his abilities. 

Disclaimer. The information below is based on leaks and things are subject to change as Hoyoverse continues to fine-tune his kit ahead of release. Refer to the official livestream for patch 1.6 to know more about Dr. Ratio.

Who is Dr. Ratio in Honkai Star Rail?

Not much is known about Dr. Ratio’s backstory at this point in time. He has not had a major presence in the Trailblaze Missions and we might find out more about him in the upcoming patches. He is likely to play a role in the Trailblaze Missions in patch 1.6 and have his own story quest when his banner arrives.

In the Dr Ratio reveal teaser, Hoyoverse mentioned that he is a “candid and self-centered Intelligentsia Guild member, who often conceals his appearance with a strange plaster sculpture. He demonstrated unparalleled intelligence and talent since his youth, but now refers to himself as a "Mundanite." He firmly believes that intellect and creativity are not confined to geniuses. He seeks to distribute knowledge to the entire universe to cure the persistent disease named ignorance.”

Dr. Ratio Abilities in Honkai Star Rail.

Based on leaked information, Dr. Ratio's abilities are focused on debuffing enemies and buffing himself. His skill deals Imaginary (IMG) damage and is buffed if the enemy has any negative effects. His ultimate deals IMG damage to a single enemy, and the damage increases depending on the number of negative effects on the target. His talent randomly gives him one of four buffs (ATK, CRIT, CRIT DMG, or SPD) when he uses his basic attack or skill. His technique taunts the enemy and reduces their SPD.

Dr. Ratio is still in development, so his abilities and stats may change before his release. However, he looks to be a powerful character who can excel at dealing damage to debuffed enemies. Dr. Ratio's design is also very popular with fans who follow leaks, with his muscular physique and confident demeanor. He is sure to be a popular character when he is released among “husbando” collectors.

Honkai Star Rail Dr. Ratio Release Date

Honkai Star Rail version 1.6 is expected to drop in December 2023. If he is in the first-half, you will be able to obtain him as soon as version 1.6 drops. If his banner is in the second-half, Trailblazers will need to wait 20 days after the patch drops to Warp him.

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