Best Characters for Pure Fiction in Honkai Star Rail



Best Characters for Pure Fiction in Honkai Star Rail 2.0 Tales of Tethered Bird

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Here are the top five characters in Honkai Star Rail's new rotating game mode 'Pure Fiction.'
The game mode heavily favors Erudition characters that can deal AOE damage outside of their turns.

Pure Fiction is a brand-new game mode in Honkai: Star Rail, that tests your roster's area-of-effect (AoE) damage. The new mode feels a lot more forgiving than Memory of Chaos for the time being and if you have some well-built Erudition or Destruction characters, you should have no trouble clearing all four stages of the new mode.

Do note that the mode will cycle every 40 days so if you do not have the necessary characters built, you have plenty of time to get the relics, light cones or trace upgrades you need to clear Honkai Star Rail's new Pure Fiction mode. Here are the best characters to use in the current Pure Fiction rotation.

Honkai Star Rail 2.0: Best Characters to Use in Pure Fiction (Tales of Tethered Bird)


She is the only Destruction character we will mention in this list. A large portion of enemies in the mode have Ice weakness and easily die to Jingliu's skills and enhanced skills, so you should have no trouble wiping entire waves with a single cast of her abilities.

She is extremely potent in Memory of Chaos and she maintains her status as the top DPS in in the game (E0) in Pure Fiction too.


Herta pairs extremely well with Himeko and you do not even need a lot of investment on her. All players have Eidolons for Herta provided they cleared all Simulated Universe worlds at least once, and she can pull off an insane amount of follow-up attacks in Pure Fiction when paired with Himeko.

The Himeko-Herta combo might be the easiest way to clear Pure Fiction for players who do not have access to a lot of limited 5-star units. My Herta team was able to secure almost 40,000 out of the 60,000 points needed which is incredible coming from a unit that is considered weak by the community.


Argenti's low-energy ultimate is considered weak in Memory of Chaos but it absolutely shines in Pure Fiction as enemies do not have a lot of HP. You do not need to charge his ultimate completely as his 90-Energy Ultimate can wipe out most enemies and and regenerate tons of energy thanks to the Generosity trace which grants Argenti energy whenever an enemy enters battle.


There are countless Fire-weakness enemies in the game mode that allow Himeko to thrive. There are also 4-5 enemies per wave, which allows her signature light cone to get more value than it usually does in most content. Her follow up attacks can instantly kill most enemies in Pure Fiction and if you pair her with someone like Ruan Mei and Herta, you should have no trouble clearing Floor 4 of the event.

Black Swan

Black Swan is the latest character in Star Rail and the current Pure Fiction is designed to reward her DoT (damage over time) playstyle. With plenty of Wind weakness enemies on the fourth stage, you should have no trouble getting a 3-star clear.

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