All Stellaron Hunters in Honkai: Star Rail

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All Stellaron Hunters in Honkai: Star Rail



The Stellaron Hunters are a group of interstellar outlaws in Honkai: Star Rail led by the enigmatic Elio.
The five active members are Elio, Blade, Kafka, Sam and Silver Wolf.

The Stellaron Hunters are a group of interstellar outlaws in Honkai: Star Rail led by the enigmatic Elio. They're tasked with collecting Stellarons, also known as the "cancer of all worlds," which are powerful entities capable of causing widespread destruction. While their goals may seem villainous, the group's motives are shrouded in mystery, and they even play a part in setting the stage for the main character (Caelus/Stelle) and the Astral Express' heroic journey.

All Five Stellaron Hunters in Honkai: Star Rail


The enigmatic leader of the Stellaron Hunters, Elio possesses incredible foresight and wields powerful Stellaron energy. He seems to be manipulating events from behind the scenes, ensuring the Astral Express confronts specific dangers at key moments.


A cunning and playful operative, Kafka serves as the Stellaron Hunters' strategist and information broker. She's the first Hunter the player encounters, awakening the Trailblazer from their slumber and setting them on their journey.


A stoic and skilled swordsman, Blade is the enforcer of the Stellaron Hunters. He wields his weapon with deadly precision and remains fiercely loyal to Elio's cause.

Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf is a mysterious character whose motivations and allegiances remain unclear, adding further intrigue to the Stellaron Hunters' enigmatic agenda.


The fifth and final Stellaron Hunter, Sam remains shrouded in mystery. Their appearance and role in the group's activities have yet to be revealed, adding another layer of anticipation to the ongoing narrative. Sam is expected to be present in 2.0's storyline according to leaks.

The Stellaron Hunters are sure to play a pivotal role in Honkai: Star Rail's future, and their complex motives and intriguing backstories leave plenty of room for speculation and excitement. As the story unfolds, their true intentions and the impact of their actions will undoubtedly shape the fate of the universe.

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