5 Reasons Why Players Should Build Pela in Honkai Star Rail



5 Reasons Why Players Should Build Pela in Honkai Star Rail

Pela is a n-ICE addition to your team, trust me.

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Pela in Honkai Star Rail is an Ice Nihility character.
Pela is useful in terms of reducing enemy DEF stats and removing their buffs.
Here are 5 reasons why players should build Pela in Honkai Star Rail.

Pela in Honkai Star Rail is one of the few characters who has a unique ability in her kit. Her ability can effectively reduce an enemy’s DEF (defense) stats, making them more vulnerable to damage. This unique trait was quite less viable back then when there were fewer options to increase damage. This means players are forced to prioritize increasing their firepower rather with Harmony characters instead of debuffing enemies by having Pela in Honkai Star Rail. However, with a lot of ways to increase a character’s damage, Pela in Honkai Star Rail has become one of the most suggested units to add to the party. Here are 5 reasons why players should build Pela in Honkai Star Rail.

5 Reasons Why Pela is a must-have support character in Honkai Star Rail

1. Capitalizes on Luka’s Light Cone “Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat”

While Luka has seen fewer uses in the current meta in Honkai Star Rail, his 4-star Light Cone is actually quite useful for support Nihility characters. When Pela equips the Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat Light Cone, her attacks will additionally reduce an enemy’s DEF stats. This stacks with her Ultimate ability to further reduce defense. 

Pela can use the “Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat” Light Cone


2. Very cheap to build

Similar to Tingyun, Pela is very easy to build. Players will not need to farm a lot of resources just for her to perform well. Upgrading her Ultimate is the minimum requirement she needs to be useful in a team. Once players have enough resources, her other abilities can be upgraded for additional damage.

3. Can fit into any team composition

Unlike other supports who perform less when paired with specific characters, Pela in Honkai Star Rail can fit into any team setup. This is because she is not necessarily buffing an ally but debuffing enemies. With newly released characters having high damage scaling and buffs, having a debuffer in the team will be more viable than stacking more damage to your DPS.

4. Free Effect Hit Rate buff for the entire party

If you play with characters like Welt, Sampo, or Kafka, then you know how important Effect Hit Rate is. Pela has a Bonus Ability that provides a 10% additional Effect Hit Rate to allies. This makes her incredibly powerful with DoT (Damage Over Time) teams. 

4. Can remove buffs from enemies

One of the reasons why Pela is a must-have is her ability to remove buffs from enemies. One example is the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Shape Shifter that can heal itself after every attack. Pela’s skill can remove one buff from an enemy, preventing them from gaining an upper hand in combat.

Keep in mind that not all buffs are removable. Always check an enemy’s stats to know more about their buffs and debuffs.

5. Can use the commonly rejected Wind Relic Set

While Pela in Honkai Star Rail is an Ice element character her best set is actually the Eagle of Twilight Line, a Relic Set commonly ignored by players. The set advances the wearer forward after casting an Ultimate ability. This allows Pela to move early and either debuff enemies before your DPS character attacks or farm SP (Skill Points) by doing a basic attack.

Pela can use the Eagle of Twilight Line Relic Set


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