Genshin Impact 4.1 Leaks: Wriothesley Buffed and Neuvillette Nerfed

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Genshin Impact 4.1 Leaks: Wriothesley Buffed and Neuvillette Nerfed</p></div>
Genshin Impact 4.1 Leaks: Wriothesley Buffed and Neuvillette Nerfed


Genshin Impact’s 4.1 update will be available on 27th September and will see phase two from 18th October till 8th November.
These leaks suggest buffs and nerfs to 5-star DPS characters such as Wriothesley and Neuvillette and also their weapons.

Genshin Impact is adding brand new 5-star characters as part of the 4.1 update set to be released on 27th September. Wriothesley and Neuvillette will be added to the impressive roster of the game’s unique characters. The Lord of the Fortress of Meropide and the Emissary of Solitary Inquity will be a Cryo DPS while the Chief Justice of Fontaine titled as the Ordainer of Inexorable Judgements will be a Hydro catalyst. Many players are wondering about Neuvillette’s  Hydro Dragon which was considered by many as a meta-defining feature. However, there are rumors floating around that these two have already gotten a buff and a nerf. Let’s dive right in

Genshin Impact 4.1 Shows Changes to Wriothesley and Neuvillette

In a Reddit post on r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks, posted updated information on both these characters showcasing their changes that will apparently take place in the 4.1 update.

While Wriothesley seems to receive a buff, Neuvillette seems to have received nerfs to his overall stats. The 4.1 update showcases Wriothesley as a boosted 5-star DPS character. His kit also suggests that he might be reliant on regular attacks to deal most of his damage and would use his elemental skills to supplement more damage and resistance to interruption. Here are his Ascension Stats:

Rarity: 5 Star

Weapon: Catalyst

Base HP: 13592

Base ATK: 310

Base DEF: 763

CRIT DMG: 38.4%

Birth: 11/23

Constellation: Cerberus

Native Fortress: of Meropide

Vision: Cryo

Neuvillette is also expected to be a 5-star DPS wielding a catalyst. His kit suggests that he could deal massive amounts of damage if he relies on his Empowered Charged Attacks. He could also deal increased AoE Hydro damage due to his Elemental skills and bursts.

His nerfs mainly target his passive which could possibly deal stacked damage. It has reduced to 125% instead of retaining the previous two stack damage by 130%. Here are his Ascension Stats:

Rarity: 5 Star

Weapon: Catalyst

Base HP: 14695

Base ATK: 208

Base DEF: 576

CRIT DMG: 38.4%

Birth: 12/18

Constellation: ???

Native: Court of Fontaine

Vision: Hydro

That is pretty much it for the nerfs and buffs that have been brought to patch 4.1. We can expect to see these changes from 27th September or by 18th October. Keep in mind that these are just rumors and there is no official information to confirm this. These stats are subject to change before its expected release date. Check out our pre-farming guides for Wriothesley and Neuvillette if you want to keep yourself prepared before the release.

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