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Best Weapons for Freminet in Genshin Impact

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Choosing the right weapon for Freminet is crucial to maximize his damage potential as a Physical DPS character.
Whether you opt for a limited banner weapon like the Song of Broken Pines or the craftable Snow-Tombed Starsilver, Freminet can become a formidable force on your Genshin Impact team with the right weapon in hand.
In this guide, we'll explore the best weapons to maximize Freminet's potential on the battlefield.

Freminet, the Cryo Claymore user introduced with the Fontaine storyline, may appear to be all about Cryo damage at first glance. However, it's his prowess in dealing Physical damage that truly shines. This guide will help you select the ideal weapons to maximize Freminet's potential as a Physical DPS character in Genshin Impact.

How to Get Freminet

Before we dive into the weapon selection, let's briefly touch on how to obtain Freminet. He was initially available on the 4.0 limited banners but will later become accessible on various banners and may have recurring rate-ups on 5-star banners.

Freminet's Playstyle

Freminet is a Cryo Claymore user with a primary focus on dealing Physical damage. While his Cryo abilities can be used, it's his Physical DPS build that truly shines. He excels at taking advantage of the Shatter reaction, which deals additional Physical damage when frozen enemies are struck with a blunt attack, such as those from Claymore users. While Elemental Mastery can boost Shatter damage, it's not recommended to build Freminet this way, as it's not as effective as prioritizing Physical damage.

Now, let's explore some of the best weapons for Freminet's Physical DPS build:

1. Song of Broken Pines (5-Star)

  • 20.7% Physical DMG

  • ATK +16%

  • Normal and Charged Attacks grant stacks, and at 4 stacks, they are consumed to provide a teamwide 12% ATK Speed and 20% ATK for 12 seconds.

Song of Broken Pines, while a 5-star weapon, is an excellent choice for Freminet due to its Physical damage bonus and teamwide ATK buff. Its high Base ATK stat and additional ATK bonuses make it a top-tier weapon.

2. Skyward Pride (5-Star)

  • 36.8% Energy Recharge

  • All DMG +8%

  • After using a Burst, Normal Attacks release additional attacks of Physical damage equal to 80% of ATK for 20 seconds (up to 8 additional attacks).

Skyward Pride helps with Freminet's energy requirements while providing extra instances of Physical damage, which synergize well with a Physical DMG% Goblet.

3. Serpent Spine (4-Star)

  • 22.1% CRIT Rate

  • Every 4 seconds on the field, characters deal 6-10% more DMG and take 3-2% more DMG, stackable up to 5 times.

Serpent Spine is a good choice if you can maintain stacks and pair Freminet with a shielder. Be cautious with this weapon, as taking damage will reduce the stacks. It's best when used strategically, especially in Spiral Abyss.

4. Snow-Tombed Starsilver (4-Star)

  • 34.5% Physical DMG

  • Normal and Charged Attacks have a 60-100% chance to drop an Everfrost Icicle above opponents, dealing AoE DMG (or more to Cryo-affected enemies) every 10 seconds.

This craftable weapon from Dragonspine is a solid option for Freminet. Its Physical DMG% is valuable, and the additional damage instances from the passive can be beneficial.

5. Skyrider Greatsword (3-Star)

  • 43.9% Physical DMG

  • On hit, Normal or Charged Attacks increase ATK by 10% for 6 seconds, stackable up to 4 times.

This 3-star weapon, often found in chests, is surprisingly potent. The 40% extra damage on Normal Attacks is especially useful for early-game Physical DPS characters.

Choosing the right weapon for Freminet depends on your available options and playstyle. Whether you go for the 5-star Song of Broken Pines or opt for a 4-star alternative, each of these weapons can help Freminet excel as a Physical DPS powerhouse in Genshin Impact.

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