xQc's YouTube Channel Unbanned But The Streamer Continues to Face Problems


xQc's YouTube Channel Unbanned But The Streamer Continues to Face Problems

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xQc's YouTube channel was previously terminated due to third-party claims of copyright infringement, but the streamer is finally back on the platform.
However, Felix faced Gmail ID problems and was logged out of the account he used to access his YouTube channel.

Felix “xQc”, despite being one of the most celebrated streamers in the industry, is no stranger to controversies and chaos over his streaming platforms. Just a day back, xQc’s main YouTube channel was terminated for multiple copyright infringements which were reported by third parties. 

The streamer said there was nothing to worry about since he had already put up counterclaims that were taking some time to act up. His fans were broken by the news, but xQc’s YouTube channel was reinstated on 27th November 2023. 

xQc is Back on YouTube But Faces Gmail Account Problems

During a live stream on 27th November 2023, xQc addressed all the reasons behind the temporary ban on his YouTube channel. He said that in a video he reacted to Tom Scott’s video, which contained another YouTube video. Still, someone who wasn’t associated with either of the two videos went out to fake claim a strike, saying that one of the videos was owned by him. 

Felix further explained that he had made counterclaims regarding the fake claim, which took some time to kick in and led to a temporary YouTube ban. However, this wasn’t all for the streaming sensation.

In his latest stream, when he realized that his channel was back up, he tried to open his channel stats but he wasn’t able to access YouTube properly. Felix’s drop-down tab on the platform for Gmail ID didn’t load or open up while his YouTube page kept showing a message saying, “Something went wrong,” which led to many people wondering if his Gmail ID also got banned.

After xQc tried to reload his YouTube page, he was logged out of his account. The streamer was shocked to see this. Although this could’ve been a simple glitch, it made Felix speculate if his main account also took a hit. 

It won’t be long before xQc’s Gmail ID issues are also fixed, and we’re glad to see his main channel back on YouTube, as it’s a perfect place for all his fans to catch up on his content. 

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