xQc's Highest Earnings from One Year of Streaming Will Leave You Stunned

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xQc highest earnings from one year of streaming


Twitch and Kick star xQc opened up about the most he has earned from one year of streaming.
This figure was a shocking $9 Million USD. Here's what the streamer had to say.

Big name streamer and content creator Félix "xQc" Lengyel revealed the most he has earned through streaming in just one year. On 6th April, the streamer appeared on a social media street interviewer named natestakkzz while in Miami. xQc answered a few questions about himself and he revealed that he earned $9 Million USD in a single year through streaming.

Here's what xQC said.

xQc Reveals His Earnings From Streaming

xQc was asked about what he does for a living by the street interviewer natestakkzz. Replying to this, xQc said, "I stream and make videos and stuff, you know.” He also said that he's been streaming for almost nine years.

Nate responded by asking, "What’s the most amount of money you have generated through that 9 years of streaming?” It seemed like xQc was doubtful whether he was allowed to answer the question.

xQc then said, "I think it’s public right, yeah it was leaked. It was like...errr 9..” Following this statement, xQc had to clarify what he actually meant by nine and then he stated that he had earned $9 Million dollars in a single year just by streaming.

xQc's Biggest Obstacle While Streaming

After shocking people with his earnings, xQc also talked about the hurdles he has faced as a streamer. Natestakkzz asked the streamer, "What would you say is the biggest obstacle you’ve been through while streaming?

xQc had an interesting take about this question and he said, "People. People are s***ty a lot of times you know, so like, finding like who cares about you, enemies, friendly friends, picking and choosing."

While the interviewer asked how xQc manages to produce novel content and stays creative in a competitive field like streaming, xQc said "Just do it." He also explained how doing new things could be a hit or a miss, but at the end of the day, there is always some good that come out of it.

He also opined that any streamer would struggle to have a "loyal" and "nice" big community. He closed out the interview by saying, "Provide value. Do something that matters to people. You know, something they will remember."

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