xQc  Criticizes ExtraEmily’s Bodycount Spreadsheet: “Reverse the Roles Then”


xQc Criticizes ExtraEmily’s Bodycount Spreadsheet: “Reverse the Roles Then”

Surya Kumar
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Streamer ExtraEmily publicly revealed a detailed body count spreadsheet on the Fear& podcast, weirding out viewers with her bizarre conduct.
Following this, Twitch giant xQc called her out and criticized her actions, while raising the question of what would happen if the gender roles were reversed.

Streamer ExtraEmily, known for her unique Twitch IRL content, has amassed a massive 330,000 followers on the platform so far. The creator is part of the OTK network known for signing Twitch giants such as Asmongold, Esfand, Sodapoppin, Emiru, etc. During an episode of the ‘Fear&’ podcast with creators Hasanabi, AustinShow, and QTCinderella, she revealed an incredibly bizarre spreadsheet with information regarding all the men she had been with. 

This strange incident unsurprisingly gained the attention of numerous streams and viewers with Twitch star xQc heavily criticizing her behavior, putting forth the question of what would happen if the roles were reversed. Let’s cut to the chase and see what the fuss is all about.

ExtraEmily Shows off Her Detailed Bodycount Spreadsheet on the Fear& Podcast

As expected, the clip of ExtraEmily revealing her spreadsheet has been doing the rounds on numerous social media platforms like Reddit, X, and YouTube. Many viewers have understandably expressed discomfort, mentioning that they were weirded out by Emily’s behavior, while also calling out the rest of the creators in the podcast for encouraging her actions. Notably, Hasanabi and Austin even went as far as to compliment her, saying “Good for you!” and “That’s awesome!”.

The podcast was uploaded to the official Fear& YouTube channel on 18th December 2023 and clips of Emily discussing her spreadsheet eventually reached Twitch star xQc yesterday, making him the only big-name streamer to publicly criticize and call out her uncanny and misandristic conduct. Emily explained that the sheet contains the names of men she has been with, along with two separate rankings for their performance and shape. Many have viewed this as borderline predatory behavior.

xQc raised the question of what would happen if the roles were reversed and a male creator boasted and revealed a similar list, echoing the sentiments of many viewers. They argue that sharing such details about their private lives would likely be career-ending for a male streamer, highlighting the perceived double standards within Twitch.

This opinion is not isolated, as there have been numerous instances in the past where the streaming platform has been accused of showing favoritism towards female creators, letting them off lightly while harshly punishing male creators. 

ExtraEmily and the OTK network have not acknowledged any of this on her social media platforms at the time of writing.

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