Xbox Series X Available at Its Lowest Price Ever in India

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Xbox Series X Available at Its Lowest Price Ever in India</p></div>
Xbox Series X Available at Its Lowest Price Ever in India


Though it's been three years since it was first released, deals on the Xbox Series have been pretty slim in India.
However, the Microsoft console just got a massive price cut in India! Here's everything you need to know about this Xbox Series X deal in India.

We all know that any tech that goes on sale is a godsend, especially when it's a gaming console. These hefty gadgets can cost an arm and leg, so the holiday season is the perfect time to get one to the game. One of the best ways you can button-mash this season is with the Xbox Series X. 

The Xbox Series X is the latest model available on the market, one of the most powerful Xbox consoles yet. Players can enjoy 4k gaming at up to 120 FPS and raw processing power of up to 12 teraflops of power.

If you're planning to get an Xbox Series X this season, now is the time, as the console is available at its lowest price ever in India.

Best Xbox Series X Deal in India

The Xbox Series X is renowned as one of the top gaming consoles in the world. Initially, the console had a starting price of Rs 49,990 in India, which increased to Rs. 55,990. However, the e2zStore is offering the console at a reduced price of just Rs 44,990, marking a 20% discount. The console is available at its lowest price ever in India, and it would be a mistake not to grab this deal. 

Xbox Series X Available at Its Lowest Price Ever in India

e2zStore – Xbox Series X 

You can't keep a good deal down, especially when it comes to Xbox Series X. The Microsoft console is one of the most powerful gaming consoles around at the moment, with 12 teraflops of processor power and stunning 4k visuals. Additionally, it can achieve 120 FPS per second with HDR technology and powerful cooling. It's not one of the best-looking consoles, but it's extremely powerful. 

The Xbox Series X controller is similar to the previous Xbox One device. This means you'll be able to use existing hardware that you own from the previous generations. 

Is It Worth Getting an Xbox in India?

Undoubtedly, the Xbox Series X is an impressive upgrade over its predecessor. For buyers in India, the console has a lot going for. It's powerful and offers incredible backward compatibility. 

However, it's a known fact that there's a lack of Microsoft support in the Indian market. You'll be surprised to know that there's no official Microsoft service center in India for Xbox consoles. The after-sales services for Xbox consoles are poor in the country.

But the console has an ace in the hole: the Xbox Game Pass. The Microsoft subscription service is a library you could get lost in for hours, trying to look for your next game. The Xbox Game Pass is reasonably priced as compared to many other gaming or streaming services out there. There's also Remote Play for those players who want to stream directly from their console to mobile devices. 

If you're someone who doesn't care about the PlayStation exclusives, getting an Xbox Series X with Xbox Game Pass is definitely worth your money. 

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