WoW Seeds of Renewal – Complete Follower Dungeons Guide


WoW Seeds of Renewal – Complete Follower Dungeons Guide

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The World of Warcraft Patch 10.2.5 Seeds of Renewal has completely revolutionized the game by introducing Followers Dungeons.
The innovative feature allows players to team up with NPCs to complete challenging Dragonflight dungeons.

The launch of Seeds of Renewal Patch 10.2.5 is the first step in Blizzard's roadmap for the game in 2024. Although it's a 0.5 patch, the update introduces major content additions and quality-of-life changes that have been causing sparks in the community.

One of the biggest additions in the patch is "Follower Dungeons" a highly requested feature that aims to provide an alternative to instanced queuing. In this article, we'll reveal everything you need to know about Follower Dungeons in WoW's Seeds of Renewal Patch 10.2.5.

What are Follower Dungeons in World of Warcraft?

The Seeds of Renewal Patch introduced a new feature called "Follower Dungeons," which allows players, either solo or in groups, to head into five-player dungeons with the leftover party slots taken over by AI-controlled NPCs. These dungeons are designed to complete a party with three DPS, one tank, and one healer. 

The feature is an incredible opportunity for self-directed learning and practicing unfamiliar classes or roles. The dungeons allow players to familiarize themselves with boss mechanics, dungeon layouts, and the overall feel of the instance without being under the pressure of a regular LFG party.

WoW Seeds of Renewal – Complete Follower Dungeons Guide

How Does Follower Dungeons Work in World of Warcraft?

The Followers Dungeons works in a simple manner. The AI-controlled NPCs will automatically fill any missing roles in the party. The composition of these AI characters will depend on the roles you choose when joining.

The NPCs in the Follower Dungeons can include a mix of different factions and classes. They behave like typical party members, providing buffs and even a mage table at the start of the dungeon. 

What is the Followers' Dungeons List?

Here's the complete Follower Dungeons list – 

  • Ruby Life Pools

  • Nokhud Offensive

  • Brackenhide Hollow

  • Halls of Infusion

  • Algeth'ar Academy

  • Neltharus

  • The Azure Vault

  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

How Can You Queue For Follower Dungeons in World of Warcraft?

It's quite easy to queue for Follower Dungeons. You can get access to Follower Dungeons with the Group Finder, where you'll come across a special dungeon queue. 

Once you're inside the dungeon, you need to decide how you would like to approach the adventure. You can –

  • Try leading the party yourself.

  • Allow another player in your group to take the lead.

  • Allow NPC followers on your part to guide you.

If you want NPCs to help you, toggle on the "Dungeons Assistance" feature. This feature allows AI warriors to lead the way, setting the required pace for the dungeon run. It's one of the most helpful features if you're new to the dungeon or want a more relaxed experience. 

WoW Seeds of Renewal – Complete Follower Dungeons Guide

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