Streamer’s Adorable Shiba Inu Successfully Speedruns a Super NES Game

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Streamer’s Adorable Shiba Inu Successfully Speedruns an Obscure N.E.S Game At AGDQ 2024</p></div>
Streamer’s Adorable Shiba Inu Successfully Speedruns an Obscure N.E.S Game At AGDQ 2024


Awesome Games Done Quick is a multi-day charity event featuring hundreds of gamers speedrunning their favorite games.
The charity event has been going on for years, but the 2024 edition featured the first speedrun by a non-human. Peanut Butter the Dog completed a speedrun for the event with thousands of players watching.

The Awesome Games Done Quick event has witnessed some of the best speedrunners from around the globe push their skills to the limit to help raise money for charity. Despite their achievements, they were, at the end of the day, mere humans.

However, the tragic human supremacy was recently shattered by an adorable Shiba Inu named Peanut Butter, who beat the N.E.S. game Gyromite during AGDQ 2024. While the Shina Inu gamer didn’t set a new record or beat the previous one, he did manage to button-press into our hearts and the speedrunning history books.

Peanut Butter Speedruns an Obscure N.E.S. Game and Nearly Breaks His Record

If you saw the Awesome Games Done Quick event today, you might’ve seen the charity speedrunning event’s biggest milestone as it presented its first dog speedrunner.

The highly-trained Shiba Inu did a speedrun of the 1985 Nintendo N.E.S. Game Gyromite with the help of a custom control. The Shiba Inu came close to achieving a new record on Tuesday. With the help of his owner, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer known as JSR, Peanut Butter was able to finish Gyromite’s “B” mode in 26 minutes and 24.5 seconds. The duo even attempted the “dog-assisted” record during the annual Awesome Games Done Quick event, but they couldn’t reach their previous record of 25:29, which was set in July 2023.

However, a few errors ended up costing Peanut Butter some playable character’s lives along the way. A green monster-like creature known as “Smick” appeared out of nowhere. He accidentally let Peanut Butter right into the creature, which resulted in a “Game Over” moment right at the end of the speed run.

He’s not far off from the best Game B record set by a human, which is 25 minutes and 39 seconds. 

In Gyromite, players play as an old sleepwalking professor who accidentally stumbles through a world of blues and red pipes. These must be removed strategically by tapping and holding buttons. 

JSR said on the Twitch stream that Peanut Butter ended up getting itchy and was, therefore, often distracted during previous attempts. But the adorable Shiba Inu took a bath to prepare for his speedrun this time.

Peanut Butter Sets a Milestone At AGDQ 2024

While Peanut Butter made it look all too easy, JSR. spent over a year training him to take over the role of R.O.B. controller. He does this with a bespoke controller of his own, allowing Peanut Butter to press a few specific buttons on command, and with great accuracy, and of course, with the looming promise of a delicious treat!

All the training resulted in a really cute run with some close calls. Much ham was spent to get the job done, and there’s always the potential time loss hazard with an itchy belly! Even with the challenge of just being a dog, Peanut Butter was able to blast through Game B of Gyromite and plenty of extra kibbles. He’s, indeed, a very good boy.

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