WoW Quest Guide: How to Complete the Bring the Light Quest?


WoW Quest Guide: How to Complete the Bring the Light Quest?

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Finishing “Bring the Light” requires you to slay Amnennar the Coldbringer, the leader of the Scourge army and the Quilboar people.
As a reward, you will receive XP and Reputation along with a potent Vanquisher’s Sword and the Amberglow Talisman.

World of Warcraft encompasses numerous exciting adventures that will offer you unique rewards upon completing them. While most quests reward you with items like Leggings and other wearable items, missions like “Bright the Light” will offer you potent weapons such as the Vanquisher’s Sword along with XP gain and other items. This quest is received from Archbishop Benedictus, who tasks you with killing a formidable foe leading the Undead Scourge army. Without further ado, here’s how you can finish “Bring the Light” in WoW.

“Bring the Light” World of Warcraft Quest Guide

To begin this quest, you must head into Stormwind in the Eastern Kingdoms. You need to spot Archbishop Benedictus, who will be in the Cathedral Square and will be frustrated with the Scourge causing problems in the region. 

He will mention the Razorfen Downs, a place that was once home to simple Quilboar people, who made a pact with the Scourge and are currently ruled by Lich, the Amnennar the Coldbringer. You need to head to the Razorfen Quilboar capital city and then reach the Spiral of Thorns to find this boss.

razorfen downs map

To finish this mission, you must kill this deadly boss and end this union of evil forces ravaging the nearby areas. Here are the abilities of Amnennar the Coldbringer:

  • Amnennar’s Wrath: A basic attack that knocks an enemy back.

  • Chilled: Slows you down by 30% along with increasing its own attack time by 20% for five seconds.

  • Frost Armor: Covers itself in a layer of frost that increases armor and attack time while also decreasing the movement of melee attackers.

  • Frost Nova: Inflicts frost damage to nearby enemies and immobilizes them for up to 8 seconds.

  • Frostbolt: Inflict frost damage to an enemy and reduce their movement speed for 4 seconds.

attacking the coldbringer

Apart from this, the aptly named Coldbringer can also summon three groups of Frost Spectres. The key to eliminating Amnennar is to ignore these specters and deal continuous damage to him. As long as these creatures are targeted on the tank, their damage will not be sufficient to take you out.


After successfully killing this boss, you need to head back to Stormwind and speak to the Archbishop who will appreciate your efforts and grant you 4,300 XP and a +150 Reputation with Stormwind, along with the following rewards:

Level 44 Vanquisher’s One-handed Sword

  • Damage: 46 - 86

  • Damage per Second: 30

  • Speed: 2.20

  • Attack Power: +28

  • Durability: 90

Level 44 Amberglow Talisman

  • Agility: +1

  • Stamina: +7

  • Hit: +10

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