How to Get to the Orgrimmar Embassy in World of Warcraft?


How to Get to the Orgrimmar Embassy in World of Warcraft?

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The Orgrimmar Embassy building was established right after the fall of the Burning Legion in the Argus Campaign.
You need to begin your venture to unite and obtain allied races from the embassy by talking to the Pandaren Ji Firepaw.

The immersive environment in World of Warcraft (WoW)  encompasses many useful locations to serve a variety of purposes in the game. One such area is the Orgrimmar Embassy, a place that acts as a meeting point and headquarters for many allied races for the leadership of the Horde. For the player, this area serves as a recruitment hub for new allies. Once you get to the location, you need to interact with different faction representatives from each race and embark on a quest to unlock it for themselves. Without further ado, here’s how you can reach the Orgrimmar Embassy in WoW.

How to Reach the Orgirmmar Embassy in WoW?

If you need the help of a few allied races for the Horde faction, you need to visit the Orgrimmar Embassy. It is located in the region where the Old Goblin Slums and Oil Drilling Operations were present, to the west of The Dwarven District. This building was established right after the fall of the Burning Legion in the Argus Campaign. You can also spot it if you head west of the Valley of Strength.

Orgrimmar Embassy

After reaching, you need to speak to Ji Firepaw, a level 60-70 Pandaren, who will command you to interact with all banners of the allied races donated right there in the embassy. Now, you will be tasked with venturing out into the massive open world and recruiting the leaders of all races to the Horde, essentially adding them to your collection of allies. Keep in mind that you can begin this adventure only if you reach level 40 and above, as the game will not let you interact with any of the NPCs until you meet this requirement. 

After overhauling the allied races system, players no longer need to grind for reputation content from BfA to obtain them. Completing brief quests for each of the races is now sufficient to add them to character creation. Additionally, you also need to complete the individual quests from each race that will take place in its own region. 


Apart from the 40+ NPCs located in the entire building, there are four notable Racial Banners such as:

  • Vulpera

  • Nightborne

  • Zandalari Troll

  • Mag’har Orc

  • Highmountain Tauren

Here are all the notable characters from each allied race:

  • Ji Firepaw: Master of Houjin

  • Lady Sylvans Windrunner: Warchief

  • Nathanos Blightcaller: Champion of the Banshee Queen

  • Lady Laidrin: Blood Knight Matriarch

  • Eyla Pathleader: Guide Recruiter

  • Chromie: Emissary of the Bronze Dragonflight

  • Bezzil: Stable Master

  • Wildswalker Nightborne

  • Feng Su: Cooking Trainer

  • Zido Helmbreaker: Blacksmithing Supplies

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