What Is the Afflicted Mythic+ Affix in WoW Dragonflight? Mechanics Explained


What Is the Afflicted Mythic+ Affix in WoW Dragonflight? Mechanics Explained

Surya Kumar
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Afflicted Mythic+ is an affix that will spawn two Afflicted Souls while in battle, reducing your haste stat by a massive 100%.
Incorporeal and Entangling were two other newly added affixes that can be countered relatively easily using crowd-control abilities and specific immunities.

Mythic+ in WoW are effects that exist in all Mythic+ dungeons each week. They essentially challenge your skills and your build to their limits and they will allow you to take a more dynamic approach to combat and strategizing every week.  These affixes add a lot more than just increasing the health and damage requirements, thanks to their unique dungeon abilities, notable one being the Afflicted affix. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How Do Afflicted Mythic+ Affixes Work in WoW Dragonflight?

Afflicted Mythic+ in Dragonflight possesses chances of spawning up to two Afflicted Souls every few seconds while fighting. Due to their characteristics, these souls are only equipped with one skill called Afflicted Cry which will reduce the haste for all players by a whopping 100% for 10 seconds.  Apart from this ability, they also contain numerous other passive skills and features such as:

  • Every Afflicted Soul is also equipped with several debuffs like Poisoned Spirit, Cursed Spirit, and Diseased Spirit, which will disappear upon using an appropriate Dispel ability. 

  • Taking away these debuffs will ensure that the Afflicted Souls leave the battlefield immediately, without having to heal them to their max HP.

  • Afflicted Souls can be taken out just from direct healing. However, you need to know that passive healing is not possible on Souls such as vampiric Embrace.

  • Remember that staying 55 yards outside the Souls range can help you deflect the oncoming Afflicted Cry Haste debuff.

Other Notable Affixes

Additionally, Dragonflight also possesses several other affixes, notable ones being the Incorporeal and Entangling. The former also spawns two copies during battle. They will exist for 20 seconds and cast the Destabilize debuff. If it hits you, it will reduce your damage output and your health by 50%. You can counter them by using crowd-control abilities like Banish or Blind to stop them from casting. Interrupt or Stun effects can also stop the Incorporeal from finishing their debuff cast.

The latter is the easiest of the bunch, spawning an Entangled plant that will slow you down by 30%. This affix gives you the opportunity to escape it without using any ability, by simply moving 10 yards in 8 seconds. Failing to do so will result in you being stunned for 3 seconds. This can be countered by using Magical and Movement immunities like Blessing of Freedom to eliminate the plant’s status effect.

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